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Ibm Case Study

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IBM is a company that is innovative and strategic; it has had superior success in the computer and electronic industry. The company offers an array of services and products ranging from the sale of computers to business consulting services. Their success over the years can be attributed to their core values and vision. IBM recognized that to remain successful and profitable they would have to make changes and the biggest change would be to add value by having the employees contribute to the changing the values of the company. When employees share the same values, as the company, they are more dedicated to the company. What kept IBM from falling behind is the fact that they ...view middle of the document...

He wanted employee involvement to create a culture that connects people’s success to the success of the entity (Kanter, 2011).
Creating “Even Bigger Change” In Society
Since its establishment, IBM has been dedicated to fairness and responsibility to society. The company was ruled by a set of principles which were set by the founder. As IBM grew globally, the company wanted to take on a different look, but still remain the force it is in the market. IBM was searching for a way to align its corporate values with both its internal and external customers. The plan was to incorporate its customer base leveraging the best values of their products and services. IBM has been known for its rich culture, fairness and social responsibility (Rubenstein, 2004).
Palmisano had a strong vision in mind for the company—create a culture where company values do not only come from the top, but include all employees in creating the revitalization of the company’s values. He also wanted to change the direction and style of thinking, from the traditional way where management tells people what to do, to a team-based organization where people are emotionally connected to the company values. It came down to asking over 140,000 employees how they see the future of the company. The comments were boiled down to three values employees agreed upon: dedication to every client’s success, innovation that matters for the customers globally, and trust and personal responsibility in all relationships (Kanter, 2011).
Important to the People
All the initiatives that IBM introduced were aimed at the customers and partners that they had in countries such as India and Russia. To start the leadership of IBM had to get its employees to buy into its strategy. They did this by testing the work culture of its firms all over the world (Kanter, 2011). This is especially valuable to customers in that it would provide new ways to use to use the technology that IBM was developing. According to Kanter (2011), people that used IBM could access the internet, and use the technology that IBM had created to help improve schools and community organizations that were using lectures, online tutorials and best practices.
IBM’s activities were important to governments in these countries because, with IBM's technology, the governments were able to start teaching kids K-12 to use the technology. In India IBM opened up community learning centers in rural areas. Although the electrical power was scarce, IBM was able to set up 75 centers. The immense support they received and the desire of the kids to learn turned this into a successful venture for IBM (Kanter, 2011). According to Dubrin (2009), cooperation theory is the "belief in cooperation and collaboration rather than competitiveness as a strategy for building teamwork." Through this program that IBM developed this statement explains exactly what IBM was trying to accomplish. Instead of going in and trying to do everything themselves, they...

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