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Ict In Teaching Essay

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Applications of ICT in Teaching and Learning |
Homera Iqbal |
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The aim of this assignment is to explore the importance of the educational use of ICT within UK primary education. I will briefly look at two case study examples to illustrate this point as well as looking at advantages and disadvantages of ICT in schools. Additionally I will address the key findings of Shipton (2011) and Byron’s (2008) findings on E-Safety linking this to contemporary issues and will briefly discuss how this is incorporated into the new ICT curriculum for 2014. Finally, I will explore two learning theories and how this affects teaching and learning in ICT.
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During the session, the children were able to edit their digital pieces using software and link audio and visual segments so that their poetry could be shown on the interactive whiteboard.
Elston (p.5, 2007) states that whilst social and commercial technologies are promoted extensively in education systems an important technology used in within education (and less commercially) is interactive whiteboards. Gage (p.12 & 13, 2005) states in her research, that teacher lesson preparation is easier through the use of interactive whiteboards and further suggests that a key advantage of using interactive whiteboard in classrooms is that it helps to prepare media rich structured lessons that support collaborative learning through visual, kinaesthetic and audio learning styles and is an ideal tool for including those children with additional learning support (Gage, p.8, 9 & 26, 2005).
According to Farmer & Framer (2000, p.87) ICT is an important tool for supporting children with special needs. Children with reading difficulties can be motivated through interactive phonics games and learn how to spell and read words. This is also true of Maths where programmes and websites can remove traditional barriers by providing fun activities to support.
In a case study on ICT and SEN, Sec-Ed (2013) reported that approximately 20% of children have either identified or unidentified learning impairments and that current innovations in technology were able to narrow the access gaps in education. A good example is that my school has recently rolled out its one-to-one iPad programme where every student has access to a mobile device both at home and at school. Through the pilot period teachers reported student participation increased. For students who find it difficult to read, the tablets were able to cut out the “noise”. Other functions such as the assistive touch, can guide poor-sighted children [and SEN students can easily] … enlarge text on screens to read”, (Sec-Ed, 2013).
At the policy level, governments are generally keen to promote a strong correlation between pupil achievement and ICT. In their 2005 report, “Primary Schools - ICT and Standards”, BECTA reported that schools “with good ICT resources tend to achieve better results than those with unsatisfactory ICT resources.”
Along with advantages there are reported disadvantages of ICT in schools. Cox, Preston and Cox (2000) say in their report that new technologies can cause anxiety amongst many teachers resulting in hesitation to use this with children. Cox, Preston and Cox (2000) say further that even if these issues are overcome frequently there is not enough time to analyse new technologies and plan lessons incorporating their use.
Reynolds et al (2003) state that teacher use of new technology alone is not always sufficient; not because of the reluctance to adopt ICT but because of the lack of effective coordination and support. According to Wheeler’s research (2000) one of the...

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