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GSCE 1CT-page 22

Questions 1-8
1. The first 6 letters on a normal keyboard are ‘qwerty‘.
2. The difference between normal keyboard and concept keyboards is that concept keyboards are faster and more limited.
3. A mouse usually had two main parts,. There are usually two or three buttons, when the pointer is over an icon, menu item or the edge of a picture, the mouse buttons can be clicked or double clicked to give the computer a demand. A button can also be held down to drag something across the screen. Also mice tell the computer the direction and speed they are pushed. Older mice use a ball, the ball rotates when the mouse moves and sensors measured movement of the ball in two ...view middle of the document...

They are used to read a bar code which contains data about the product being scanned.
Touch-sensitive screens - are a bit like concept keyboards. But, instead of pressing a key, you touch the picture or word on the screen. They’re used a lot in information centres and quiz machines in pubs.
Video digitisers - convert analogue video pictures from a videotape or video camera into digital images which can then be manipulated using imaging software. This is called image-grabbing. It allows you to add special effects to music videos that were originally shot in an analogue format.
8. Type text to create a letter - keyboard
Record a sound message to appear on a website - microphone
Take a photo of herself and email it to a friend - digital camera

Questions 10-18
10. You would use a dot-matrix printer to.. printing three copies of a sales invoice.
11. Laser printers are called page printers because the data to be printed is sent to the printer in complete pages - one page at a time. They work in very similar ways to photocopiers.
- very high resolution
- very fast
- expensive
- expensive to repair
- cant use continuous or multi-part stationary
12. Ink-jet printers are most popular for both home and office use because they are the cheapest kind of printer but produce better quality print-outs than a dot-matrix.
13. Buffer - is memory that stores the pages that have not yet been printed. It is found inside the printer. This means the user can do other things whilst waiting for the document to be...

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