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Ict Unit 43 Communication Essay

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Katie Haylor

Unit 43 – Social Media for business
P1- Explain the range of social media services
* Social Networks
There are many social networking sites that are used throughout the world. People use them to interact with their friends or family from all around the world. An example of a social network that is commonly used is Facebook, which enables individuals to post pictures and statuses about their lives to show to others. Social networks aren’t only used by the public, but now by businesses also. They include updating your location, sending links and images to each other, exchanging messages, sending and accepting friend requests. I have chosen to focus on two popular and ...view middle of the document...

Your personal account cannot be seen or accessed without the password so it is safe and secure. Businesses and organizations would also use these bookmarking sites. For example in an organization such as Microsoft, then an employee in one country could create and edit a public folder, allowing any user to access and view the files. Another example would be Delicious which is a site that allows users with an account to discover, share and organize links online and be up to date on different information that is going on. Delicious is good because it is an app so it can be used and downloaded on all devices such as phone, computer, laptop, iPad etc. Businesses can use this because they use computers in order to view files which means that it would be good for them to use bookmarking as it is a great way to save and share documents and files with others.

* Social news
There are many different social news sites used by people every day. They are very similar to social networking sites such as Facebook and Likednl except from the fact that on social news sites, everyone is able to view information and profiles without being friends on the site. The most commonly known social news sites are Digg and Reddit. Many businesses and organizations often use the social news sites in order to view news about opposing companies or new products, but also hoping to gain feedback on their company. On Reddit, users have a personal account and can post items on their page and fellow users can search for specific profiles and view their posts and files. If companies receive positive feedback on their posts then they can act as effective advertising companies, then they become a trending, and popular topic online and users who were un aware of the company, are now interested and inclined to learn and understand more.

* Media sharing
Another form of a social media service is media sharing which are public sites in which anyone who has a personal account can view. Media sharing involves sites sharing posts, photographs, videos, documents and even sound files such as songs. The two main sites used for media sharing are photo bucket and YouTube. Media sharing websites are becoming popular and commonly used by organizations as another form of advertisement. Many users use these websites as they are good and they are free to create an account. YouTube offers various amounts of advertising and is a site where users can create a ‘YouTube channel’ for other users to view and make use of. Many businesses and organizations use these sites to publish adverts for their company or products, they either appear on the top of the page or before a video starts on YouTube so that viewers or account users, can see their advertisement of a company or a product so that the topic will become more commonly known throughout the world. It is also free to create accounts on media sharing websites so it saves the company money. The use of YouTube channels are that it shares...

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