Ideal Learning Environment Essay

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The “Ideal” Learning Environment
Upon reading A Speech Every American High School Principal Should Give, I felt that there was much to disagree on. The experience of attending school in the U.S. might change if this speech was to be given each school year but would this change, in fact, be for the best? There is no doubt that many public school faculty members approve of this type of message and it is likely that parents also respond positively. At this point most would be in favor of delivering this speech to students but a crucial party has been left out of the vote; the students themselves. What is the general consensus among students regarding the ideal learning environment? The ...view middle of the document...

Many steps were taken to make the dream of equality become a reality. If all schools were to no longer honor ethnicity and promote commonness then we have taken a major step backwards in my opinion. Stereotyping and labeling is still very common today among the people and the only way to overcome this is to teach our children at a young age to honor and appreciate the various ethnicities found around the world. Now the question is how do we teach our children to enjoy culture? Not by removing ethnic education and appreciation. According to the speaker, cultural clubs promote egotism. This is not true. These clubs help students understand the world around them by learning about their own people and heritage. Removing this identity from public school would be detrimental to the children’s upbringing.
Aside from my objections concerning ethnic diversity policy in public schools, this is a well-written essay with a well-thought-out-message. Later in the speech the Principal speaks of sex, drug, and alcohol education. His or her view regarding this is that it should be completely omitted from the schedule. Of course, there are many people that would agree with the speaker’s position due to premature exposure to mature content. I understand why this might be the case because of the common teen pregnancies and drug abuse. To expose a student to something of this nature, especially if they had never seen this before, might be corrupting them in the views of parents and this particular Principal. To remove sexual education and drug and alcohol

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education would result in significantly more ignorant youth than is acceptable. This common ignorance would be disastrous in the future due to more unwanted pregnancies and more cases of drug and alcohol abuse. Early education is key to properly raising children, why strip them of one crucial aspect? Drug and alcohol abuse programs were...

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