Identify The Main Barrier To San Disk’s Marketing Planning

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1.1Marketing process is the way how to discover the demand of people are not met and provide products that satisfy consumer's needs. The marketing process includes the following steps:Development of the organisation's mission statementStatement of objectivesSituational analysisStrategy developmentSpecific plansImplementationControlAccording to Marketing Principle book (page 40)The organisation's mission statement is the purpose of the corporation or company and reasons that company was founded, exist and develop. In addition, company mission statement are also know that an organisation try to develop and achieve by company's operation. The main purpose of company mission statement is the ...view middle of the document...

Specific plans are a specific model includes all of the particular information and consumer behaviours through surveys. After that, the company will choose the suitable strategy for them.Implementation is the important step that the company have to identify the specific mission and divided into departments and each of departments must have a head. Currently, market is changing, so every company should have their own back up plans.Control is the final step that helps the company have an overview and make sure they have to achieve their goals. Moreover, this step helps them to see all of the problems and they can find the suitable solutions to solve.1.2 Evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for a selected organization of Honda Viet NamDefinition of Marketing Orientation is known that to meet every customer's needs and want by design and create unique products to fulfil the demand of customers. Marketing Orientation not the same as marketing strategies that focus on opening more branches and establishing selling existing products.The benefits of Marketing Orientation have two types:Long-termStable profit: The reasons help Honda has stable profit because they always provide the best quality products for customers to maintain and create beliefs to all of buyers. Besides, Honda usually opens many international branches.Leading marketing: Honda is one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturing brands in Asia. Many consumers believe and use Honda's brand that the reason why Honda always dominate in Vietnam's market.Reputation: Honda takes actions insted of saying words and advertising. For example: they usually help poor and people with disabilities to grow up and develop their reputation in long-term.Short-term:Increase revenue and profits: By create a lot of best quality products and new design for customers. In addition, Honda aims to protect customer's rights.Aim to target customers and increase more buyers: Honda always respect customers and ensure the charisma to the customers. Moreover, Honda has to make sure that the buyers always feel satisfied with the products.Costs:Disadvantages of Marketing OrientationExpensive and time consuming: To create and design new products, Honda has to spend a lot of money in human resources, labour costs and time. Moreover, when products accomplished, they have to prepare and check it very carefully to meet the demand and quality of people and market.Irrational customer behaviour: Currently, the demands of people always change so market in Vietnam change too. Consequently, the statistics about the amount of people has change in a short-term.The fluctuation of market place: Almost the old products are considered out-of-date, so the buyers usually aim to buy new and quality products more. For this reason, most of the old products are not selling well. The pressure...

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