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Identify The Purposes Of Different Types Of Organisations

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Many may start a business as natural-born entrepreneurs with good ideas which might later turn into a good investment. Many people have reasons of wanting to create their own business, as some seek to make more money, some may look at having a flexibility in life and others may consider having their own business due to job loses.
In this context, will assume, due to the many years of experiences and skills that has been acquired as a manager for a large multinational chain business enhances the need to own a business and make money by implementing those skills has be necessary.

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This type of decision is made by senior level managements in an organisation, and it is unstructured.
Tactical (medium-level) decision, is implemented strategically by middle level management. They plan within the sensible horizon from six months to two years into the future of the project demand pattern, measuring basic physical production capacity and constraints . They implant and rationalise a long-term decision ensuring available resources to meet demand, effectively and profitable as much as possible. However, elementary production content is essentially set by long-term considerations, the volume of production can either be increased or decreased within the boundaries in the medium level. Additionally they make decisions that also can reflect on the size of the workforce, number of hours to be worked through production system, inventories and the amount of subcontractors needed to create stability, this decision, however can also be made by top level management.
Operational (short-term) their responsibility is to see to and provide the day-to-day flexibility activities needed to meet customer requirements on a daily basis within the Organisation’s programs to establish more collective plans discussed above. Short-term operational level take orders directly from customers, or as generated by the inventory system and plan in detail how the products should be processed. In most cases detailed plan agendas are drawn up for one week,a day and finally one shift in advance. This form of decision is is related to the day routine activities of the business and mainly undertaken by junior or middle managers in an organisation. The action involve the duty of products to machines.

Business strategy
Business strategy

Responsibilities of Executive level managers

Two - way influence

Responsibility of heads of major functional activities
Responsibility of heads of major functional activities
Tactical Level
Tactical Level
Responsibility of heads of major functional activities

Two-way Influence
Operational Level
Operational Level

Responsibility of heads of major functional activities

Business Strategy |

Two-Way Influence
Responsibility of heads of major functional activities ↓
Tactical Level |

Two-Way Influence

Responsible for operational lines
Operational Level |


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