Identify Two Of The Reputations Of The Dalai Lama Revealed In This Newspaper Extract And Discuss Them In Relation To Book 1, Chapter 7

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Assignment 03

Identify two of the reputations of the Dalai Lama revealed in this newspaper extract and discuss
them in relation to Book 1, Chapter 7.
This essay will discuss and consider two of the several reputations that surround the 14th Dalai Lama,
as found in the newspaper extract and other sources. well done for giving your reader an idea of the discussion that will follow, however, try to avoid single-sentence paragraphs. Also, it would be a good idea to identify the newspaper extract and the two reputations you will discuss.

The first reputation to be explored will be that of the Chinese government’s opinion of the Dalai
Lama. Now exiled by the ...view middle of the document...

229). Due to the difficulties that the Dalai Lama presents to the Chinese, there is some doubt as
to whether his office will continue after his death. Again, this is interesting discussion about the situation between China and Tibet/the Dalai Lama, but your answer needs to focus much more fully on identifying two reputations in the newspaper extract.

To say that the Tibetans feel ‘discontent under Chinese rule’ (Kazmin, 2013, AA100 Assignment
Booklet, pg.25) is a very diplomatic stance taken by the journalist. The article then goes on to
describe the fact that in the past two years alone, at least 100 Tibetans had sacrificed their lives for the
Tibetan cause of freedom and for the Dalai Lama, ‘many using their final moments to call for the
Dalai Lama’s return ‘(Kazmin, 2013, AA100 Assignment Booklet, pg. 25). This martyrdom goes a long
way to expressing just how deeply the Tibetans revere their leader, which leads onto the second
reputation to be discussed.

Amongst his own people, the Buddhist monks, the refugees and those still living in Tibet, his
reputation could not be further from the Chinese perception. To his people, he is a living Buddha,
their spiritual leader and teacher and has the very highest religious status, ‘revered by many
Tibetans as a living god’ (Kazmin, 2013, AA100 Assignment Booklet, pg. 25).√ Due to the way that
Tibetan and Buddhist society has evolved, he is also regarded as the head of the Tibetan state.√ good The
Tibetan people believe that all Dalai Lamas are linked, that after death they are re-born into
another‘s body in order to continue the role of spiritual leader and god-king, therefore, the people
automatically grant the Dalai Lama total devotion.√ good The fact that the 14th one is ‘a wise and
compassionate man ‘(Waterhouse, 2008, pg. 211) further serves to consolidate his reputation
amongst his people. When they have an opportunity to meet him, they are ‘visibly awed’ (Michael
Palin, commentating on ‘Dalai Lama in India’, 2009).

Throughout today’s global and media-driven society, the Dalai Lama has several reputations, mostly
positive, but some of which are in direct rivalry with one another, for example the two reputations
highlighted in this essay. Personal and academic history, plus cultural backgrounds would very much
determine how an opinion on anyone’s reputation would be formed.

Word count: 604
‘Dalai Lama in India’, (2009) AA100 DVD ROM
Kazmin, A. (2013) ‘An exclusive interview with the Dalai Lama’, AA100 Assignment Booklet, 2014, pp. 25 – 6.

Waterhouse, H. (2008) ’The Dalai Lama’, AA100 Book 1, Chapter 7

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