Identify Two Recent Reports On Serious Failures To Protect Individuals From Abuse. Write An Account That Describes The Unsafe Pratcties In The Revievs

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The booklet about safeguarding which can be used as a reminder for people who work in the care profession.

1. Physical abuse – is any abuse involving the use of force. It can be hitting, biting, throwing, force-feeding, smashing of furniture, being pushed, kicked. Other words any physical harm to an individual.
The signs of that are: unexpected bruising, bite marks, fractures, burns, etc.
The symptoms are: low mood, weight loss, pain.

2. Sexual abuse – when a person is forced into of any kind of sexual activity, including inappropriate touch or exposure to pornographic material, or making any sexually comments.
The signs of that are: can be bruises around breasts, genitals, ...view middle of the document...

6. Self-neglect – is when someone doesn’t pay enough attention to their well-being or health.
The signs and symptoms of that are: living in unsafe and dirty conditions, poor personal hygiene, poor nutrition, not getting medical help.
7. Neglect – is when someone who looks afters other does not carry out their duties and someone suffers as a result of this.
The signs and symptoms of that are: lack of food, heat, poor personal hygiene, inappropriately dressed, illness, hunger.

If I suspect abuse through noticing a sign of physical abuse or change in the behaviour of an individual, I will:
* make sure that. I will ask the individual what has happened telling the individual the changes that I have noticed. If it is in my place of work and the name of the person that abused the individual is known, whether staff or another service user, I must also record and report this.
* listen to the individual carefully; it is up to them to tell me, I would not ask them any questions about this as this is not part of my job role and would stay calm.
* make sure that I record what the individual tells me using the individual’s own words. I will make sure that I reassure the individual and explain that their safety is the most important and that it is my duty of care to tell the manager.
* make sure that I let my manager know what has happened immediately and pass this information and make sure that my report is also confidential. I will only report and record the facts - what the individual will tell me. Depending on what is found out the individual might need to continue to be monitored and a plan of care will be put in place that must be followed to
protect the service user.
* make sure that I let my manager know and report and record this in private.
* follow my company policy of reporting abuse and report to CQC.

If an individual tells me that he/she is being abused, I will
* make sure that I listen to the individual carefully to know exactly what happened. I must also record and report this.
* make sure that I record the details that the individual tells me using the individual’s own words.
* not make any judgements about what I have been told and.
* stay calm.
* make sure that I record the date and time when the abuse was reported and then sign this record.
* make sure that I let my manager know and report and record this in private but if the allegation is about my manager or the manager is unwilling to do anything, I will report to CQC.

To make sure that all evidence of abuse is kept safe I will:
* not touching anything.
* not removing, cleaning or...

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