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Identifying The Troubled Employee Essay

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1.         What, according to you, are some of the signs of a troubled employee that you have noticed?

Changes in employee behavior can signify that an individual may have a personal problem that is interfering with their work performance. There are “red flags” in an employee’s behavior that can be used as indicators. There is usually no single event, but rather a noticeable pattern of change in the employee’s behavior, attitude or work activity. Individually, these signs may seem harmless enough but taken together they may represent a serious problem. It is important to avoid ignoring the initial indicators.

These are some of the signs that might help you identify an employee who has ...view middle of the document...

HR closely works with the manager to help him plan the future action for the employee. After all, it is their responsibility to maintain acceptable work levels.

Rising to the challenge

Dealing with a troubled employee is a delicate matter. You have to help him out of the tribulations without stepping on his toes. Here is a step-by-step approach we adopt to help sort out the issue.

Early detection of problem - The manager is in the best position to spot employee problems. He is trained to be cognizant of dramatic performance changes, if any, watch for patterns of work slowdown, preoccupation, constant fatigue, inability to cope, mood swings or frequent absenteeism. Timely and appropriate response to the early warning signs can help prevent long-term deceleration in performance.

Address the issue – Manager is expected to speak to the concerned employee in a supportive and objective manner. Describe the changed behaviour and show how his work has been affected. Make it clear that the intervention is because his productivity is dropping. Express concern but underline that he is responsible for his efficiency.

Give him a chance to air his feelings and woes. Be a sounding board for his troubles. A willingness to listen makes him feel valued and understood. Often, half the problem is solved if one gets a sympathetic ear!

Lend a helping hand – With the help of HR, the Manager is supposed to explore, understand and help resolve the problem. Assist him in examining alternatives and choosing the best solution. Set up concrete goals and seek a commitment to improve performance.

Assigning new...

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