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Identifying Your Values With Kudler Fine Foods

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Identifying Your Values And
How Your Values Align With
The Values of Kudler Fine Foods
Janelle Margery H. Azurin
University of Phoenix

Values as defined by Heathfield (2010), “are traits or qualities that are considered worthwhile; they represent your highest priorities and deeply held driving forces.” Values are everything that has happened in an individual’s life that includes influences from family, friends, peers, work experience, education, reading, religious affiliation and more.
As an individual, we have different set of values based on what we have learned or experienced in our lives. One person may have the same experience as the other individual but the way they ...view middle of the document...

Being committed and efficient will influence me in a positive way because it will drive me to do my best in every aspect of my job as the manager of Kudler Fine Foods. I will serve as a role model to my employees, by being punctual and always in time for work, completing every task assigned, being a good team player and living up to the vision of the Kudler Fine Foods.
Loving and accepting what I do as a manager at Kudler Fine Foods will motivate me to work harder for the benefit of the company. If I love what I am doing at Kudler Fine Foods, I will do whatever it takes to make the company profitable and stable. I will always think what’s best for the company and always do everything that will benefit Kudler Fine Foods.
Every company in the corporate world will experience challenges in their business, Kudler Fine Foods considers the closing of Del Mar Store in the future, and this will affect the employees who works on that particular store. Being loyal to the company, even in times like this, I will help the company with its transition in any way I can. I will continue to motivate my employees through acknowledgement of their hard work either by giving them rewards or recognition. I will let them know that they are part of the team and I value and respect their opinions, decisions, and contributions at work.
I also value family, friends and work. Since I was a child I grew up in an environment where we have close family ties. I always see my parents, their siblings and my cousins on a regular basis. We always have reunions and parties just to make sure that our families see each other once in awhile because most of my uncles and aunties are already based in the United States. I will consider Kudler Fine Foods my second family, making sure that everything is working and functioning well. Trusting one another inside the company is also an important value. I always trust my family members and friends in doing the right thing, we should also learn how to trust our colleagues that they will do their best for the benefit of the company. People empowerment is having the person in charge of what he/she is doing. This will give the employee the motivation to do their jobs accordingly and will make them feel that their...

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