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If I Picked A Red Rose

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If I Picked a Red RoseIf I picked,On the earth,From the ground,A beautiful,Red rose,And gave it to you,What would you say,What would you do,How would you hold it,Would you carefully,Hold it,Between the thorns,Or would you,Absentmindedly,Put your hand,On the whole stem,If a thorn ...view middle of the document...

It is not really about anyone, but it was just fun to write, and the topic was on my mind for some reason.This poem is a little bit weird, and I do not know why I was thinking of this. But anyways, "If I Picked a Red Rose" is about a boy dreaming about a girl that he is madly in love with. This is a metaphor about true love, and if he really loves her, if she will love him a lot or a little.The red rose symbolizes love.The thorns symbolize the obstacles in love and relationships.If the girl holds it carefully between the thorns, that means that she will truly love him.If she grabs the whole stem and pokes herself with a thorn (if an obstacle gets in the way of love), her love for him will not be true.

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