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If The Titanic Never Existed Essay

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The Titanic
The Titanic was one of the largest most popular ships in history. The Titanic set sail over 100 years ago. The richest and most successful people were aboard the Titanic and they were blessed with some of the greatest commodities along the ride. The enormous hype of this spectacular journey to America only contributed to an even more harrowing devastation when this cruise liner sank on April 15, 1912 (Lane). The sinking of the ship caused 1517 deaths out of a total of 2320 passengers. The sinking of the Titanic was known as one of the greatest tragedies around the world and is still known as the worst peacetime disasters in history. The Titanic is a hard story to listen to ...view middle of the document...

The engineering team did many tests on the ship and came up with a conclusion saying, “Engineers analyzed the stresses in the Titanic as the flooding progressed within the bow region… A full-ship model was graphically constructed, employing a modern approach similar to that used for U.S. Navy destroyers and cruisers today” (Deitz). The engineers discovered that the ship was under much more stress than it could handle prior to even having a single passenger on board.
The Titanic was referred to as “The Unsinkable Ship” because of the design to keep incoming water from flooding the boat. Many wondered how the watertight ship could have sunk because of the well-planned design. With further investigation of the ship engineers discovered that the rooms at the bottom of the ship were not watertight as they had claimed to be. Instead, the tops of the rooms were open and allowed the water to spill over the tops like water would in an ice-tray. The combination of the poor design of the rooms and the overall stress put on the ship led to the Titanic’s ultimate demise.
When the ship set sail on its maiden voyage from Queenstown, Ireland to New York City not much was to worry about in the mind of the captain and all others among the ship. On April 14, 1912, the Titanic struck the iceberg causing it to sink. Jennifer Rosenberg who works with talks about how at 11:40 the lookout of the Titanic spotted an iceberg a mile in front of the ship and relayed the signal down to the control. It only took thirty-seven second from the time the iceberg was spotted to the time it was struck Rosenberg goes on to say. The Titanic grazed the iceberg causing the room underneath to fill with water and eventually sink the ship.
Something had to be done in order to prevent future shipwrecks. The United States Coast Guard created the International Ice Patrol in order to monitor the seas for icebergs among the icy Atlantic. “The mission of the International Ice Patrol is to monitor the iceberg danger” (International Ice Patrol). In the many years the Ice Patrol has been around, it has saved possibly thousands of ships from impacts with icebergs. Although over 1500 people died in the accident, many more lives have been spared because of the crash.
During the time of the Titanic there were no regulations for lifeboats on a ship. With regulation many more lives would have been saved. An interview took place with the captain of the Olympia after the accident, “It hardly bears thinking about if there had been sufficient life vessels, every member could have been saved if this was so.” After the Titanic sunk it became apparent that vessels must carry a sufficient amount of lifeboats. A law was put in place that all ships must have enough lifeboats and lifejackets for every passenger on board.
During the time the Titanic was sinking, another large passenger boat, The Californian was only 13 nautical miles away. If the Californian had chosen to respond the SOS calls...

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