If You Don’t Want Them To Know Something, Put In A Book, They’ll Never Read It!

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“If You Don’t Want Them To Know Something, Put In A Book, They’ll Never Read It!”

“If you don’t want them to know something, put it in a book, they’ll never read it.” This was a saying that was widely during and after desegregation of the schools, and as I know is still being used today, to display the ignorance and lack of knowledge of African-Americans. The sad fact is that it is true. If it doesn’t come across the television or radio, then most people don’t know what is going on. Most people that I know watches television rather than go to school. As an African-American, it was very important for me to learn to read, write, and obtain a quality education. It’s amazing to see the ...view middle of the document...

When I passed most stores at night or after their closing times, I saw that they were guarded with security doors and steel bars on the windows. But for as long as I can remember, I’ve never seen any bars or security doors protecting the libraries, which goes to prove the point that “If you don’t want them to know something, put it in a book, they’ll never read it.” As a young child I was always curious why all the other stores were heavily guarded and the library was free to enter. While the local businesses protected their businesses from predators by using the most effective means of security, the libraries had no reason to use maximum security to protect their contents. In fact, I’m sure that if they’d leave the doors unlocked, they’d returned the next day and found everything intact and just how they left it. Despite the many burglaries of the stores surrounding the libraries, the libraries remained untouched. Some would say, “Who would want to steal a book?” but compared to the miniscule things that were stolen, a book would have been worth the trouble. As a young child being faced with those issues was very hard to understand. I always thought that the library had two Pitt bulls guarding the door, which would explain why nobody dared to terrorize it.

As I entered elementary school I soon found a love for reading and writing. I wrote my first essay in Mrs. Price’s first grade class. The topic to write about was “Who Would Make A Good President?” It was an election year and the two presidential candidates were George W. Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. I was sure that Bush would make the perfect president because he seemed to have all the qualities to make a good president, of course at six years old, I didn’t know anything about what qualities a president had to possess. All I knew was that he was old just like my grandfather, whom I adored greatly, and that made him the perfect person to rule our country. Besides Bush was up for his second term and it seemed only right that he become president again because he already knew what to do, the other guy, Clinton, was new and the United States shouldn’t chance bringing in an amateur. Mrs. Price also introduced me to such books as Corduroy and Goodnight Moon, and I fell in love with reading. Corduroy became my new favorite book and although I wasn’t able to read all of the words, I made sure that I memorized them and could fool just about anyone who sat there long enough for me to read it to them. It amazed me how such a small, cute, and innocent creature could brave a large department store by himself, it reminded me of how when I ran away from my mom in the store and got lost how I would cry until she eventually found me, Corduroy was a daring bear. My mother became very involved with school activities and soon all the teachers knew her by name.

As the years progressed and I entered middle school things were pretty much the same. The city was still crime infested, the libraries were almost...

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