Ikea And Leadership Essay

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My sub-question: How many types of sponsorship in business ?

Discuss the following points for each source:
i. For each source, provide the complete bibliography according to APA.

< The Marketing Sponsorship Strategy>
Hughes, G., & Fill, C. (2003). Marketing Communications 2005-2006 (Revised Edition ed.). Routledge.
< Sponsorship for Business >
Nufer, G. (2013). Ambush Marketing In sport (Illustrated edition ed.). Routledge.
< The Business of Sponsorship>
John M.Amis,T.Bettina Cornwell (2005) Global Sport Sponsorship: Sport Commerce and Culture,Berg.

ii.Describe where and how you found the source:Give the search engine/metacrawler, the search terms, the options for advanced ...view middle of the document...

Research rationale (reasons for research)
Obvious. Reasons for research: The author wants to research and to introduce emergent business sponsorship types and to explain closely connection between sponsorship and creation of market efficiency .
d. Research objective (research goal)
Research Goal: Studying various types of sponsorship in business and their followed market benefits.
e. Sub-questions
Sub-question: What’s the role of sponsorship in business?
What’s the market benefits that sponsorship can follow ?
f. Method for data collection
Qualitative Research, Because Author gave various types of sponsorship and followed examples, respectively.
Programme sponsorship: E.g Coronation Street by Cadbury’s or HSBC sponsorship of advertise and films- typically, this is used at the start of a TV programme, during the interval and at the end.
g. conclusion
This source is justified. The article introduced main types of sponsorship and answered my research question in detail, such as programme sponsorship, arts sponsorship and sports sponsorship etc.

The second article:
a . Author, institution and Reputation
Author : Gerd Nufer
Gerd Nufer is Professor of Business Administration specializing in Marketing and Sport Management at Reutlingen University, Germany.
Director of the German Institute for Sport Marketing based at the same university. Worked in the marketing industry and published widely on the subject in both journals and books.
b. Publication date
Publication date: 20/03/2013 → Recent enough
C. Research rationale (reasons for research)
Obvious. Reasons for research: There have been many kinds of sponsors in business, but new sponsors have still emerged continuously in large number with quickly changed Business development.
d. Research objective (research goal)
Research goal: Research different and new types of sponsorship in business
e. Sub-questions
Sub-question: What is the new concept of business sponsorship?
What is the objective of sponsorship?
f. Method for data collection
Qualitative Research.
Scientific sponsorship: E.g The Jacobs Company sponsor the Jacobs University all devices and appropriation expenditures connected to researches, sciences, technologies, and commercial projects, so as to return for report. In addition, the...

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