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Illegal Downloading Essay

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Illegal Downloading and the Fall of the Compact Disc

Ever since the dawn of the Internet, people have been able to communicate from across the world in only mere milliseconds. The accessibility of the Internet has been exponentially increasing ever since its creation. The Internet is easily the most important invention of the last 50 years. Because of the Internet's infinite amount of uses, people have found various ways to prosper from it, such as sharing things with other people. From files to folders, people are able to share anything with anyone at anytime. Not only can we share with others, but also we can find websites that allow us to download recipes, movies, and most notably ...view middle of the document...

The famous lawsuit against Napster was spearheaded by Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich: “Metallica filed a lawsuit against Napster in the US District Court, Central District of California, alleging that the company encourages piracy by enabling and allowing its users to trade copyrighted songs through its servers.” (Podoshen). This jumpstarted the war against illegal downloading, which involved multiple cases that found people guilty of downloading thousands of illegal songs. However, the people prosecuted were a very small fraction of the total amount of people who download music. As programs like Napster were turned into a fee-based system, Internet users found other websites and programs to replace the old, and this created a cycle; another program would be up in a week to replace the one that was shutdown.
Today, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) believes the decline of CD sales directly correlates to the rise of illegal downloading. Although it is easy to believe that is true, more people should look at it a different way. It is not only the Internet that has grown and advanced, but also our music-playing technology. No more does the average person grab their CD player as they walk out the door and throw in their favorite CD. Since the release of the iPod in 2004, over 220 million have been sold. (Altshuller) Kids and adults of all ages now have iPods and other MP3 players that hold a ridiculous number of songs. What is the point of buying a CD that holds approximately twelve songs when you can invest in something that will infinitely increase your music library, and will hold all these songs right at your fingertips?
With technology always evolving, old technologies get left in the dust. The compact disc demolished the life of the record. Everyone believed CD’s were the answer to our musical troubles. However today people are able to buy full album’s online on iTunes without ever leaving their house. “In 2007 CDs accounted for 90 percent of album sales in the United States, with digital albums accounting for the rest. But...

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