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Illegal Drugs Essay

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Illegal DrugsIn 2002, there were 21,683 deaths that occurred from illegal drug-induced causes. The rising rate that people are abusing illegal drugs is alarming. Illegal drugs are all used for the same purpose, to create pleasure and escape pain. Whether it's an escape from a painful reality or simple escape from boredom, the use of drugs can start innocently enough. However, for many people the use of illegal drugs can turn into a consuming addiction where use is more out of a necessity than for pleasure seeking. The ...view middle of the document...

Short-term effects can include: water loss from sweating, high body temperature and loss of motor skills and judgment. Some long term effects that can occur from the abuse of drugs are: hepatitis C, loss of brain cells, depression, panic disorders or even death from an overdose.Destroying a family is very easy to do when abusing drugs. Drugs are very expensive. One could spend a whole paycheck on drugs, that is if the abuser even has a job. It is hard to maintain or get a job when one is abusing drugs. Many employers require drug testing for employment. Because drugs are so expensive, one might often resort to stealing or even killing to get what he needs. This illegal activity can cause imprisonment thus causing families numerous problems.Drugs are a huge risk to one's health and safety, but they are also a tremendous risk to the safety of society. When on drugs one is a loaded weapon and can hurt or even kill someone. Knowing that someone was hurt or killed because of you is something that is very hard to live with.Drugs are stupid and a waste of time and money. The simple lesson that can be learned from this essay is not to do drugs. Abusing drugs can ruin your life, but what if your drug abuse ruins someone else's life also.

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