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Illegal Immigration Essay

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200 years ago the very first immigrants arrived on American soil. The United States established itself upon the concept of immigrants but a great debate of how immigration policies will take effect goes on still today. The controversy: how should the United States and Mexico handle legal and illegal immigration? More and more immigrants arrive illegally in search for a better life. In just the last fifteen years, a tremendous increase of illegal immigrants came to the United States. They believe 700,000 per year” (Nadadur 1040). An estimated of 11.9 million in total (Galston Pickus and Skerry 89). Many Americans feel the opposite, as if the American Dream will be lost in the balance with so ...view middle of the document...

It made him the publisher of the best-selling newspaper in the country. He also set standards for editorial excellence. Pulitzer died in 1911, leaving as his greatest legacy an annual series of journalistic awards, the Pulitzer Prizes. Albert Einstein: March 14, 1879 in Germany. He is known as the greatest physicist of the twentieth century. In 1922 he won the Nobel Prize for Physics. He chose to stay in America, accepting a position at Princeton University. He understood that the United States had to develop it first, but begged Roosevelt not to use it. Einstein spent the rest of his life working for peace and died in 1955.
A famous country song states, “Only in America, dreaming in red, white and blue. Only in America where we dream as big as we want to, we all get a chance, everybody gets to dance, only in America. Looking at the promise of the Promised Land, one kid dreams of fame and fortune, one kid helps pay the rent, one could end up going to prison and one just might be president” by Brooks and Dunn. People in other countries desire to have these exact dreams; they desire to take their chances of being a part of the American dream. America can't help but become better from the influence of such people. With diversity such as this in the country our culture only becomes richer. It introduces new ideas, new perspectives, customs and diverse strengths and skills that as a country have never been seen before.
The declining economy opens the discussion whether illegal immigrants hurt or help the country. “Immigrants positively benefit the economy by increasing demand, spurring investment, and keeping receiving-country industries competitive through enhancing capital productivity” (Nadadur 1041). With more people coming to the United States, a great demand is placed by the need of more products. This meaning the level of productivity will increase, the needs of supply and demand will rise. “Thus products and services become cheaper because illegal immigrants work for lower wages, thus providing a kind of subsidy to American consumers” (Nadadur 1045). It all comes down to economic self-interest (Rouse Wilkinson Garand 859).Critics argue that illegal immigrants harm the economy by displacing low-skilled natives, but scholars argue that illegal immigrants perform jobs that no US worker will fill. Labor is one of a number of costs of doing business. When businesses have trouble filling low skill jobs such as washing dishes or cleaning rooms, they have only two choices: raise the wage rate high enough to fill the jobs or eliminate the positions altogether. While higher wages sounds good, it means businesses must either accept lower profit margins or they must raise prices to make up the difference. A hike in prices means we pay more for restaurants, hotels, factory products. Lower profit margins mean lower stock prices in our 401(k)'s and less investment dollar inflow. The second choice of eliminating jobs is obviously undesirable for a...

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