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Illegal Immigration: Pros Essay

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Illegal Immigration: Is it good?
Illegal immigration has been one of the most controversial subjects of the U.S. for the past few years. The mentality of the American becomes negative when the subject of illegal immigrants comes up. It is clear that most people do not realize why these people come to the U.S. Some may think they know; however, more than likely they are wrong. For a person to even begin to understand why illegal immigrants come to the U.S. they need to share their experience. People do not just leave because they want to; they leave to have a better life, and to have things they could not back home. Some people might ask if they going to come to the U.S. why not do it ...view middle of the document...

S. Illegal immigrants risk a lot by coming to the United States without papers and if they get caught they will be deported. Illegal immigrants do not care about the risk if it helps their families have a better life. Yet people judge them, they assume they know what is going on, but in reality they do not have a clue. One of the toughest things to do is move to another country let alone illegally, but that one stop people from coming if it means a better life. A person who has not lived what people that come to the United States have will make it hard to understand it. People know that illegal immigrants have jobs once they are in the United States and the American citizens blame them for taking the American jobs. Many people believe that if illegal immigrants did not work in the United States the country will be better; however, many of the jobs illegal immigrants take are terrible and yet that helps the country out. What people do not realize is that the jobs that illegal immigrants are taking are jobs that nobody else would get. Illegal immigrants settle for lower wages than the average American. They are more likely not going to report minimum wage infractions because it might cause them to be deported. This means that investors, employers and consumers all benefit because the get the job done for less and do not have to worry about the illegal immigrants complaining. As an illegal immigrant the last thing that one will want to do is get the border patrol into their workplace. So are illegal immigrants good for the United States economy? Yes, “Undocumented immigrants contribute to our economy as workers, taxpayers, and consumers. They account for 5 percent of the total U.S. labor force, and at least a quarter of the workers in industries like construction, agriculture, grounds keeping, meat processing, and textile production.”
The rise in illegal immigration has impacted the minds of the American people by the decrease in job availability, even do the illegal immigrants are taking jobs that no other American would, paying their taxes, and showing their productivity over long periods of time, all this helping the U.S economy. People that come here illegally are always on alert, because they do not want to attract any attention to them that could get them deported. Many people that are against illegal immigrants believe that they want to have a child here so that later that child could get his parents citizenship to become citizens. However, that is not always the case; some of them just do it for the child while others might do it for that very reason. People say that the fourteenth amendment of the constitution has to be changed so that illegal immigrants cannot have a child that will become a citizen. If that were the case then many of the amendments have to be change because every amendment has some sort of problem. The United States may be considered one of the most powerful countries in the world, but just like any other country it...

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