Illegal Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs In The Olympics

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Illegal Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in the Olympics

Since the original Olympic Games in ancient Greece, athletes have struggled to find a way to gain the competitive edge. Early rituals included consuming wine and brandy before an event, eating potent mushrooms, and even concocting magic potions thought to give the athlete improved performance ability (Phillips, 2000, p.53). A constant battle has been fought as the International Olympic Committee struggles to keep drug testing up-to-date and effective. We have come to associate drug use with a few famous names of fallen heroes, such as Ben Johnson and the most recent, C.J. Hunter, but few people realize just how widespread drug ...view middle of the document...

10). The athletes of track and field are competing as individuals, compared to an entire team. Their flaws and faults are more obvious and prevalent than if they were part of a team and had other athletes around them to help them. Yes, track and field can be considered a team-oriented sport, since everyone is part of a team. But the competition itself is based upon the individual, and that is why many athletes feel the pressure to use any method possible to help them gain a competitive edge. But my thought is that no matter what the competition is, or whom you are competing against, there is no need to use chemicals to increase your athletic performance. I also feel as though many of the athletes in track and field use performance- enhancing drugs because they feel pressured into it.

There is an ever-increasing amount of athletes in track and field who use performance-enhancing drugs, so many athletes feel compelled to taking them. They probably feel as though if they are working and training as hard as they can, and there are other athletes out there who are also working just as intensely, plus taking chemicals to give them added strength and endurance, then those athletes will have the competitive edge. It reminds me of Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. Those who are the most fit, or in other words, those who are stronger, faster, or quicker will survive, or in athletics, win the competition. For the athletes in track and field, coming in second is not an option. Those athletes that place first are those that are able to get all the endorsements and money. Those who come in second are usually forgotten. For example, can you name the athlete who came in second for the men’s 100-meter run in this year’s past Olympics? Those who follow track and field or the Olympics know that Maurice Greene won the event, but not many can name who came in second. Just for your information, it was Ato Boldon from Trinidad. So how many commercials or endorsements do you see containing the world’s second fastest man? Maurice Greene gets endorsement deals from large companies such as Nike and Gatorade, and Ato Boldon gets to go home empty handed. My mistake, he gets to bring home a silver medal. That silver medal may bring some pride, but it won’t bring in nearly as much money to put food on his table or clothes on his back had it been gold. But besides being pressured into taking these performance-enhancing drugs, what other reasons are given for these athletes who take them? One reason that I believe these athletes might come up with is because they are not looking at their future and the side effects of these drugs.

The athletes of track and field are a relatively young group. You do not normally see anyone over the age of 30 competing. The greatest of athletes are usually in their low to mid-twenties. The reason you do not see athletes older than this is mainly because track and field, along with any sport in which it is based upon individual...

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