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Illuminati conspiracy

Do you believe or do not believe in the illuminati conspiracy? It’s what almost everyone is talking about in the year 2013. Teens, adults, and your grandparents everyone lately has a say in the matter. Whether you believe it or not it’s something very real that’s seems to be taking over America. It all started or came to the eyes of the people during the Mid 90’s. When hip hop and the rap game rose in popularity so did this conspiracy theory. The first to be aware were supposable Raekwon, U-God and Ghostface , Killah , saying that a leaked video which they were first to see heard talk about future plans involving our country that turned out to be mostly true. Before ...view middle of the document...

The reality is that these people who may seem immensely huge to you and I or actually extremely small in the scheme of this world. All the fame and connections they think they have wouldn’t be nearly enough for them to be part of the illuminati when there’s muti-billion dollar companies and different governments all around the world. Those are the people who have all the true power and connections in the world. That’s who the illuminati would be looking for if they were real. All though present time now is a different time and story at one point in history not to long ago it was a very real organization sought at to make the world well more equal and a better place to live. Those who were involved in it were sworn to certain principles such as secrecy. I don’t know about you but there’s nothing secret going on here and if the illuminati was real these people would never be involved in such a thing.
Jay-z and all the other artist are not in the illuminati. It’s a marketing ploy to generate intrigue and keep his name in the spotlight. If he were really in the illuminati he wouldn't show it off so blanitly to the world. He is a wannabe, like the good author here pointed out, he doesn't have the cash or influence necessary to be a member. he has a limited social impact and really is as important as he tries to make himself seem. AS to the theories of rappers actually joining the Illuminati, I know they don't have the power to be part of Alan Greenspans society or become a Bilderberger. The idea behind the use of the imagery is simple, as simple as joining a street gang for safety. It's all for the purpose of safety. The idea behind would be to say to those "Hey look, we support what you do, in fact we do it to, though on a much lower level. We're not like these other rappers trying to blow the lid...

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