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Illustration Essay College Extracurricular Activites

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College Extracurricular Activities
The Spring 2010 semester is my first semester attending John Tyler Community College. As a first time student, I thought it would be a good idea to familiarize myself with the activities and clubs that are offered to us at the college. “Why as a first time student is it beneficial to become involved in any of these programs?” I asked myself and then began to think further on this topic. I kept coming back to the same question. “Where can I locate a list of these programs?”
The extensive list of groups and activities, which are managed by the Office of Student Affairs, can be found on the John Tyler Community College website. I wasn’t sure exactly where to look when I first opened up the website. Surprisingly, it only took two steps to find it! You can find the list by ...view middle of the document...

Chances are you have a whole day or maybe even two dedicated to studying. Most likely you will become bored with studying, and your focus will no longer be solely on your studies. Use activities such as the Theater Club or Volunteer with Adopt a Grandparent as a scheduled mental break from rigorous hours of study. At the end of your break, you will find yourself refreshed and ready to hit the books once again.
Let’s face it, the primary reason you are in school is your education. In addition to this, use the few years at college as a social networking tool as well. Use extracurricular activities to broaden your social skills. For example your membership with Phi Theta Kappa, one of the honorary organizations, can be used to help you socialize and introduce yourself to new people and new situations. You can use this membership to hone your social skills. You will also be able to work on important skills such as patience and communication, which you will use throughout your professional career and personal relationships.
Finally, let’s take a minute of looking at how participation will give you a strong sense of accomplishment. Along with the several professional clubs offered, John Tyler Community College has another volunteer program which may be of interest you. Student Mentoring at Hopkins Elementary School offers a great way to start working on your resume with working experience. By volunteering you are able to give back to the community and especially the children of the community. Many times these children do not have anyone else to turn to for many different reasons. By participating in these types of groups and activities you can gain valuable references and letters of recommendation from peers and instructors. Employers are very interested in how well you can work with others. What a great way to work on this part of your resume while being able to give back to your community.

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