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Illustrative essay

Most people in our world don’t appear to understand systems theory, systems philosophy, systems science or evolution; leading to some people becoming deniers of climate change. Some deny the fact that global warming is a phenomenon occurring today out of ignorance or out of self-interests which are psychopathic. When evidence points out to increase surface temperatures, rise in sea levels and decrease in ice extent; it means this is not a matter to be taken for granted. Global warming is a reality that we are currently facing in our world. ...view middle of the document...

These gases deplete the ozone layer of the earth, which acts as a reflector of ultraviolet rays from the sun. These gases also have an ability to absorb heat, together with the penetration of ultraviolet rays cause surface temperatures to rise. The most adverse effect of greenhouse gases is their ability to destroy ozone gases. Continuous air pollution will have an added disadvantage of depleting the layer even further, thus causing skin complications in humans due to the ultra-violet rays.

There is a rise in sea level around the globe. Scientists have proven that there is an increase in sea level in the planet over the past century. (Christy, 2015) provides statistical analysis that shows that the sea level has increased by eight inches since 1880. However, that is only a global average, areas such as the Gulf of Mexico have experienced a rise of 10 inches over the past fifty years, and Satellite altimetry indicates that there is a steady rise of sea level by 0.12 inches a year. It, therefore, suggests that the levels are increasing at a larger rate than the past thousand years.

The earth's ability to retain heat due to greenhouse gases has caused thermal expansion in the oceans. It means the volume of oceans increase resulting in a rise in sea level. Melting ice from the Polar Regions, due to global warming, also contribute to the rise of sea levels. Since the frozen ice melts finds its way to the oceans and therefore increasing its volume. Oceanographers are predicting that the continued increase in sea levels would cause a severe impact on global economies come the year 2050.

There is a decrease in the extent of snow and ice in the Polar Regions. Scientists study the extent of snow and ice by using the Artic Sea Ice as the subject. Being surrounded by land and given the sensitive nature of ice with the slightest temperature change makes it a perfect case study. Scientists use satellites to measure the extent of sea ice in this region. It records measurement of ice extent at the end of summer seasons and also at the end of winter regions. Scientists have monitored the measurement results over the past thirty years and have come to a conclusion that the sea ice extent is gradually reducing. The...

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