Ilm Level 3 Coaching Essay

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Assignment 2
Undertaking coaching in the work place

Planning and organising coaching sessions

Outline of coaching session Case Study

It had been identified through the annual appraisal that Dave, who is a Heating engineer and a member of the team I manage, needs to improve on performance and has some operational issues. These involve taking ownership of his daily workload, improving performance and improving on his communications skills. There has been 10 sessions assigned to this coaching programme but this can be extended if mutually agreed. During the coaching programme Dave will have regular reviews with me to ascertain his progress. On completion of the programme there will ...view middle of the document...

What you can expect from the coaching process:
In a coaching relationship, the coachee’s agenda is at the center of the relationship and will be worked on jointly by both coach and coachee.

As coach I do not have the answers to your issues, but I am committed to working with you to explore them and help you identify how to move forward.

I will at all times do my best to help you achieve all you want for yourself but there are no guaranteed results; you get out what you put in.

At all times, I will treat you with respect and treat all you tell me in confidence. There may be occasions when something you share with me needs to be shared more widely, but we will discuss this first so that you are comfortable, and wherever possible, you will take the lead in sharing the information with others.

I may be asked to feedback generic information regarding issues such as learning needs, how public services are faring generally or other points that can help inform further programmes; I will not however feed any such information back if I cannot completely guarantee confidentiality.

As a workplace coach, I may work with a variety of people who may, or may not be known to you. I will let you know if there is likely to be a conflict of interest. Where we work together with this knowledge of others, the focus of our work will be on your situation and your responsibilities. I will not therefore refer to situations or any knowledge I have about these individuals, gained from my interactions with them.

Your commitment to the coaching process:
I agree that the prime purpose of this coaching contract is to support, maintain and enhance my personal development and performance over an agreed period of time.

As the coachee, I will ensure that, to the best of my ability, I have met the agreed objectives and action plan set out at the end of each session.

I understand that taking part in this coaching contract places responsibilities on me. I agree to prepare for each session, to be punctual and to actively participate. I agree to carry out any follow-up actions that I choose to commit to within the coaching sessions as per agreed timescales. I understand that all that is discussed between us will be treated in absolute confidence, unless we agree that information can be shared with another party.

I agree to complete all evaluation forms during and following the final session.

I will ensure that the session is not interrupted, in order to give full attention to the interaction.

How the process will work:
We have both agreed the parameters of this relationship and discussed their practical implications for us.

We have agreed to meet every week for 1 session. We have agreed that 1 to 2 hours is a suitable length of time for our sessions. We will time these sessions to coincide with specific stages of work or situation, so that constructive feedback can be provided and objectives reviewed.

It is the joint...

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