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Ilm Level 4 Unit 1 Essay

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Section 1: Understand the Specific Responsibilities of Middle Managers in Enabling an Organisation Achieve its Goals
1.1. Describe the Goals and Objectives of your Organisation
... specialises in automated screens and screenings handling equipment used by all the municipal companies of the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as many blue chip industrial users in many varied sectors.
mission statement is:
This would be described as the company’s goal, giving employees something to unite and aim towards.
On a yearly basis...form a list of Objectives which, when combined, work together to aid in achieving the company’s goal.
Some of the company’s SMART objectives for ...view middle of the document...

If the employees know their roles and responsibilities we can ensure that all jobs are being performed and so aid in the smooth running of the business.
Ensure that all sub-contractors working on behalf of the company are competent in their role – as a company we employ sub-contractors to carry certain roles on site on our behalf. As they are representing the company and working under the ... name we must ensure they are competent in the role for which we are contracting them to do.

The company also has a further objective of improving in house systems. Bringing them up to date to ensure we can stay ahead of the competition by ensuring we can deliver our products to the ever increasing standards demanded by our customers.

1.2. Evaluate the specific responsibilities of middle managers in enabling your organisation to achieve its Goals
Below outlines the roles of the different levels of hierarchy in my place of work;
Middle Manager
Director or Senior Manager
Identify a need for another employee full time or temporary and put a request in.
Usually involved in the interview process.
Source a recruitment agency or place an advert and interview candidates.
Second interviews, final decision, salary agreement.
Identify a need for a consumable/day to day material. Fills in indent for P/O.
Reviews the indent & signs for approval or rejects if no allocation within the budget.
Monitors department budget.
Sets the overall budget & allocates departmental budgets.
Has the last say if above middle manager’s departmental budget sign off allocation.
Company Objectives
Implements & delegates to the team.
Monitors progress and reports this to middle managers.
Defines the strategy and implements within department.
Delegates to Supervisors.
Sets Company objectives and delegate to middle managers.
Reviews individuals performance against team objectives/targets
Reviews Supervisors performance against department objectives/targets
Reviews Middle Manager performance against company targets
Holiday Booking
Ensures team has enough cover during holidays
Approves all departmental holidays and monitors leave
Sets holiday entitlement
Customer Complaints
Provides first level of resolution when a complaint just requires an apology or site visit to resolve
Second level of resolution when issues require an offer of discount or refund
Final escalation level of resolution & signs off any discount/refund requests
Issue out any training & information
Implement H&S policies & procedures
Responsible for H&S in the company
Doesn’t usually get involved
Disciplines, issues warnings and investigates
Chairs grievance meetings and has the final word on firing etc.

This is list is just a few examples of the levels and responsibilities of various hierarchies within ....
The various levels are required to enable the business to run smoothly. For example:...

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