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Ilm3 Problem Solving In The Work Place

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ILM Level 3

Task: Identify a workplace problem facing you or your team and examine ways to resolve it.

Table of contents

Background: Page 2

Present situation (Analysis of the problem): Page 2

Investigation and identification of possible solutions to the problem: Page 3

Evaluation of possible solutions: Page 6

Recommended implementation plan to solve the problem: Page 8

ILM Level 3


Our Council’s parks department carries out horticulture in the town’s parks, roundabouts and other municipal green spaces. As well as care of these green spaces they also contract out green keeping services to the local ...view middle of the document...

This affects the parks departments main Depot.
The whole main Depot team is affected due to time and resources being used up.
Green keepers and their assistants most affected as organising work around other sites means working to a very tight schedule.
During the cricket season (April to September) there could be up to 3 visits a week to the pitch.

The nature of cricket green keeping means regular rearrangement of our schedule. As only some employees have the correct driving license, work can only be carried out if they are present. This becomes more problematic through staff holidays, sickness or other unforeseen occurances. We can continue without installing a site safe and with the possibility of more austerity cuts coming it is essential to be as cost efficient as possible. It is believed, by the depot staff, that it would save time, and ultimately money, if a site safe were installed at the site. through transportation efficiencies and by enabling employees without an appropriate driving license to work alone.

ILM Level 3

Investigation and identification of possible solutions to the problem

Looking further into the problem and looking at several decision making techniques I felt that the problem should be approached by combining the following two tools.

1: Cost benefit analysis.
In order to work out the possible cost benefit of installing a site safe I decided to find out how much time would be saved through installation of a site safe and if there was a time saving, would the saving out weigh the cost of installing a site safe.

2: Brainstorming
After looking at several decision making tools I felt that the best way of obtaining good soft data (qualitative data) from colleagues on whether to install a safe, would be to adopt Edward DeBonos PMI Technique.


Please see Appendix 1


As stated earlier I would use the PMI technique to gain additional information. This is to assist in gaining soft data to help identify possible solutions to the problem.
My reason for choosing the PMI technique is that I felt it would be the most effective way of obtaining information from our team. It can sometimes be hard to keep a group of green keepers concentrating on one topic without out digressing too much. Using the PMI system allows for this sometimes distracting behaviour to be channelled by introducing the “I” (interesting) concept. This lets people introduce discussion points at the end of the brainstorming session allowing the first past of the session to be devoted purely to finding plus and minus points of the discussion topic.

I sat with 4 colleagues with differing levels of green keeping experience ranging from 25 years experience to almost none, but all will be involved in the upkeep of this, and all other wickets, to some degree or another. Using the PMI technique we brainstormed for an hour adhering to DeBonos technique rigidly. Our...

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