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INTRODUCTION: In many organizations today, change is becoming more common every day. Change is vital for the “survival” of many companies. In many situations change was not even talked about and those companies are no longer in business. Many companies are under severe economic pressure and change is inevitable. Change is the only way for some. In today’s society we have take-over’s, down-sizing, mergers, joint ventures etc. as companies try to grow. Some companies focus on the question “what do we do to make our company grow”. “How many employees are we going to affect?” Let’s focus on my former employer Ford Motor Credit. Their thoughts back in 2003 was ...view middle of the document...

A. Ford initiated their effort by gathering support from within. They retrained each employee to deal with any negativity that was being broadcast on the news or anything negative from customers who would call in. They advised the employees that many of the cases were still being investigated. They were writing formal letters to each family for their loss and were going to adhere to the law.
B. Ford launched an approach by allowing Firestone to test and retest their products. They stop using the brand in question and started using a different brand until the issue had been resolved.
C. Ford basically did what they needed to do by reorganizing the call center, cutting jobs on the assembly line and demoting some managers. They put a freeze on all promotions and a freeze on the quarterly bonus that was many employees looked forward to.
D. After several years of being financially unstable they finally started to bounce back and they were gaining new ground on their competitors such as Honda, and Toyota. It was finally a new day for Ford. After studying our text I see how Ford used the concept of Gap Analysis. They wanted to know: Where do we go from here? Where do we want to get to? And how can we get there? Our text also tells us that “Strategy is often conceived as being at the heart of change in that it is about the most basic issue with which an organization has to deal” For Ford Strategy was very important. It could actually “make or break” their company. This is a company that had been around for many decades. One that many people had trusted over the years. One change that was made internally was a new site director was brought to our service center, his name was Anthony Goings, respectfully called Tony aka “Coach” Management was not restructured as much as the overall organization but they did bring in some managers from other states.
A. The basic concept of Ford’s dilemma was to resume business as usual. The leaders of our service center did a great job of putting Ford back on the road to success and profitability. They sent the one man who could get the job done. The new site director was an African American Man who was a former Marine. He was widely respected because with each approach, with each address he made the employee feel some sort of self worth. He made each employee feel as though individually they...

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