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Images And Imagery Helps Us To Understand Macbeth

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Macbeth: Imagery Helps Us To Understand Its Themes and Characters


        For me to answer this essay question I must first find out what

exactly imagery is,  to do this I used an Oxford dictionary and this is the


Imagery n. Images collectively;  statuary,  carving;  mental images

collectively;  ornate figurative illustration,  esp.  as used by author for

particular effect.

        An image is a picture that the author places in your head by

graphic descriptions about a subject.  This image is designed to help the

reader understand the plot or mood or to simply add life to a story.

Shakespeare uses imagery a lot in his books and this imagery also

symbolises a person or a theme in the story.


        In the first line of act one scene two Duncan is asking his Lords

who the bloody man stood before him is.  He says that judging by his

...view middle of the document...

  When you are in a crowd you feel safe and not threatened.  If

you are with a lot of people when there is a crime you have a very strong

alibi.  When Macbeth was at his banquet he made a toast to Banquo who was

not present,  MacBeth knew exactly why Banquo was not present because it

was he who sent out two murderers to kill him;  the play is full of such

lies and stories to cover up crimes so much that the criminals can not

handle the guilt.


        The whole play is a reflection of chaos and order.  The population

are all in an order and set rank but at the top of the hierarchy where the

order matters there is a state of chaos and this is filtered down through

the hierarchy to everyone in the play.  The people are fighting for order

to be restored and justice done.


        Throughout the book there are a lot of dark and light images.  The

witches are always in the dark because the darkness represents a fear full

unknown. It is in the dark where crimes occur  because they can go

unnoticed. Mist is also an image used because it is in mist that nothing is

as it seems.


        Lady MacBeth has such a guilty conscience that it is in  her sleep

that she admits to Duncan`s murder,


"Yet here's a spot,  out dammed spot! Out, I say! Here's the smell of the

blood still:  all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.

What's done cannot be undone,  to bed,  to bed."


        Sleep is unpredictable but inevitable just as is the truth about a


        Water is a representation of fear and no return:

                "Like two tired swimmers clinging to one another"


There will eventually be an end no matter how long they cling on for they

are only delaying their certain death.

        When reading the book you are subconsciously placed in a certain

mood, feeling or feel a certain emotion when key words appear;  dark

instils fear,  Banqueting gives joy and dreams are unimaginable.  The

imagery and text give a pre amble into what the next line or paragraph is

about,  so making the story easier to understand.





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