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Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

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Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

Imagination is more important than knowledge. It is a famous quotation by an all time famous, popular and well known scientist, “Einstein”. To begin with, it will not be a good option to not agree with the topic as the person who said this is often known as the smartest man to have ever walked on the planet. However, even rationally speaking and on the basis of proofs and evidence, it can be proven that the man was indeed right and there is no argument over the fact that imagination is indeed more important than knowledge.
In routine life, knowledge enjoys a lot of importance. Think about the peers around you, what do they tell you all ...view middle of the document...

Technically speaking, knowledge is something of the past. When you talk about knowledge, you are referring to all the books which are already written and are available in the libraries. Therefore, in order to gain knowledge, all you need is study, study and only study which is quite boring. But imagination, that is something associated to your brain. It won’t be wrong to say that imagination is more like a skill. Knowledge tells you what has already been invented and how to use it. But imagination inspires you to make something new of your own and define how you are going to use it.
Take an example of fashion designing. What do you think is the basis of fashion designing? It it knowledge or is it imagination? For sure, it is imagination. The multimillionaire industry of fashion designing is completely based on imagination with knowledge either playing a little or no role at all in it.
Similarly, take an example of a desktop computer and a laptop. Both uses the same technology and works in essentially the same manner. But still, laptop is a gigantic facility as compared to that of a desktop computer due to its portability.. Since they work on the same principles so it is safe to say that the knowledge to make both of them have been there. But it was only the imagination of a brilliant mind that came up with an idea of potable wireless computers...

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