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Imaginative Essay

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April 21, 2010
Won a trip to Italy, my laptop would not plug into foreign adaptors. I came home one late afternoon, and had a message on my answer machine. I clicked play, wishing it wouldn’t be my mother wanting me to call her. Shocked at what I heard, "You have won a trip to Romantic Italy for two". I had bad news; my boyfriend couldn’t go he had to work so it would be just me. Wasn’t too worried about this essay that my English professor had assigned me, but I knew I was going to have to set time aside everyday to complete it. Packed a few bags, and went straight to sleep. Woke up the following morning and hopped on a plane, so scared the propeller would break and the airplane would fall out of the sky. To easy my jitters, I opened up my laptop and started ...view middle of the document...

I decided to get an hour of writing in before I left for dinner, I went to plug my laptop in and it wouldn’t fit. I shoved and shoved I thought if I could just get the metal to touch it would give me power, should have known better. I got it in there but I broke the plastic protector covering it, so I went to the store to buy another one. As I was returning to the hotel, I realized people were running out of the building. I quickly ran in and realized the hotel was on fire, everyone was screaming. I tried to go up the stairs where my room was, but the smoke was too heavy. Three hours had passed and they finally let us back in the hotel to get are belongings. There were cops everywhere trying to find out what had happened. They were all in my room for some reason,
then it hit me, I had left my cord in that foreign adaptor. I had caused the fire. I got in there, and the whole wall had burned, except around the plug. My laptop was melted. This could not be good, I had started a fire, were there consequences.
Unfortunately, they arrested me for arson. I didn’t speak Italian, so they wouldn’t even listen to my side of the story. I ended up spending five weeks in the town of Empoli, sitting in a cell. Wondering if my family or friends knew what had happened to me. I had written plenty of letters, hoping that someone I loved would read it and help get me a lawyer. My mother finally came and saw me, she paid for a lawyer. I went to court and was issued to pay $2500.00 dollars. On my way back home I got stuck at the airport, because there was a volcano that had erupted, and the smoke clouds were too big. Finally I got on the plane and made it to America. So I went straight too bed when I got home, and vowed to never go back to Italy as long as I live. That is my excuse for not turning in my essay.

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