Immigrate Essay

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The Education of illegal immigrant children in the US

Ye Zhang

Fairleigh Dickinson University

April 27, 2011


This paper illustrates the problems caused by large numbers of illegal immigrants in the United States. Through the analysis of illegal immigrant adults and illegal immigrant children, this study makes the statement that the government must provide free education to illegal immigrant children, though they would bring a heavy burden to the US economy. This paper also offers alternatives on how to improve the new immigrants’ English level, so that newcomers don’t ...view middle of the document...

While they clean the house, pick the fruit, and work in the factory, they also crowd into the hospital emergency room, schools and government aid programs. While they offer little contribution to the society, they increase the heavy burden to the US government. Regarding Chinese illegal immigrants, as an example; some of them move to America for a better living and some of them for political protection. The common factor of the illegal immigrants is that they are little-educated and don’t have the skills necessary to succeed in a modern economy. They look for “black jobs” for living and avoid paying tax to the government. Meanwhile, the US government needs to provide free public education to school-aged illegal immigrant children and guarantee the minimum living level for illegal immigrants. The meager contribution is not the result of immigrants helping to build the essential industries or making US more competitive globally, but instead merely delivering the pizzas of United States, so to speak. On the other hand, a lot of illegal immigrants don’t know well the United States well, they dream of the United States as a kind of heaven before they come there. However, when they come to United States, they struggle for legal identification and hate being expelled from the United States. All of these factors create a heavy burden on their spirits; What’s more, because they don’t accept a regular education in the US and know little about federal law, when the stress excesses the degree that they can bear, they might do something extreme or even cause crimes. Lastly and most importantly, a large amount of immigrants increases the job competition to the native-born residents so that a lot of native residents cannot find jobs. A 1988 study of the Los Angeles hotel industry by the General Accounting Office found that jobs formerly held by African-Americans were now performed mainly by immigrants. Jack Miles of the Los Angeles Times has found that even Black social workers are being displaced by Latinos. The Blacks hope to keep their jobs by learning Spanish, but this may or may not succeed (Atlantic Monthly, October 1992). The huge job competitions for employment by native residents and illegal immigrants rise unemployment rate and move the economy into a recession period.
Since illegal immigrant children are the children of illegal immigrant parents were have been debated in recent years, some states amend laws to deny the citizenship of illegal immigrant children. These amendments directly affect their opportunities to receive help from the government, including the free education right. The purpose of these amendments is to decrease the influx of illegal immigration into the United States and to curb the societal costs of illegal immigration. Nevertheless, not educating them would prove more costly in the long run. (Martin, 1995, p.257)
Whether the children are illegal, the reality is that children have no right to decide why they come...

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