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May 5, 2016

The Immigration Crisis

Over the past 20 years immigration has become a hot topic in American culture. Since September 11, 2001, the concern for security at our nation’s borders is higher than ever. The threat of another attack lies imminent in the country’s mind. With the increase in concern for border security comes the issue of how to approach and handle the illegal immigration epidemic that is currently affecting the United States. We should first look back at the Roman Empire to give us a better understanding of the problems and solutions of immigration. There are astonishing similarities ...view middle of the document...

Even though actual numbers of illegal immigrants were not discussed because of inaccurate data; the issues concerning how did we get to this point; what are the impacts of illegal immigration on the countries social and economic systems. The solution to this dilemma should include, not just the enforcement, of the policies and laws established but, it should also make sure they are properly funded as well. The solution should contain initiatives that address those topics that negative effect the country as well as initiative that reward positive effects of illegal immigration; keeping in mind the countries national security and national interests in mind.
More than 3,000 violent acts committed between 1995 and 2002, supplemented by police records and community surveys, it found that the rate of violence among Mexican-Americans was significantly lower than among both non-Hispanic whites and blacks. Based on studies like these conducted, immigrants, both legal and illegal do not raise the rate of crime in the United States and native born Americans are five times more likely to be incarcerated than immigrants. (Miller) In a study released by the non-partisan research group The Public Policy Institute of California immigrants were ten times less likely to be incarcerated than native born Americans. Based on these views immigration is actually keeping the Unites States crime rates lower. Mexican-Americans face the dilemma of racism, every person with half of a brain knows that racial tensions are high in the United States, and this is not limited to Mexican-American or Mexican immigrants. Mexicans are working at places for a substandard rate, especially the immigrants who are illegal. With the illegal immigrant the employer does not have to pay them employees the same as everyone else because the labor laws do not apply to them, they are illegal workers. Not only do we have this problem in bordering states to other countries, but in labor work all over the country. The problem lies with both American people and immigrants, legal or illegal. When discussing the job market many of us Americans will not do the job because it is too hard of work, or the pay is not that great, but the immigrants are more than happy to do the work because they need the money. Mexican-Americans also suffer from some sort of environmental justice issues. Mexican-American constitute a large group of people that are impoverished and poorly educated, which in turn leads to living in areas that are less than more affluent Americans. Mexican-Americans have definitely been affected by affirmative action, but so has every other race in the United States. Affirmative action is good in theory, but the law in itself is a form of prejudice against better qualifies applicants at jobs and at colleges. Mexican-American and other minorities were also affected by banking practices and even just going to the supermarket. While were spending millions of dollars trying to keep illegal...

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