Immigration Thw Wrong Way Essay

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Diego Santiago
Ms. Normy Martínez
English 11-1
19 April 2013
Immigration the wrong way
Immigration has evolved into a negative topic, one no one wants to deal with. The reality is that immigration is not really a problem. People have been moving from place to place with the hope of a better life ever since it could be remembered. Before humanity had a home, human beings wandered the face of the earth, surviving. As time went on Homo sapiens learned how to farm, how to raise animals for food, how to stay in one place; humanity became civilized. Despite the modern age some people still have to move from one place to another. The formal name is immigration. It is a reality millions of ...view middle of the document...

As a direct result, there was larger unemployment of the middle and lower classes. The only people who benefit from this practice are an almost aristocratic minority.
Immigration built the U.S. As a matter of a fact the U.S. is the most culturally and ethnically diverse country in the world. It is in this diversity where we find the nation’s strength, resilience and beauty. Even thought people coming into the U.S. is what built the country, the practice did not become concretely known as immigration until 1790. From 1790 to 1850 more than 10 million immigrants poured into the U.S. This period is known as the golden age of immigration. Most immigrants, during this time, came from Europe, particularly from Ireland where a potato famine forced the displacement of millions of people. From 1850 until 1930 there was a second boom in immigration known as the silver age. During this period an additional 15 million people moved into the U.S. with the Germans being the largest group. Towards the 1940’s though, immigration became more of a political topic. It was during this period where immigration law was made tougher, even though people kept coming into the U.S. Nowadays legal immigration is not the issue. Illegal immigration has become the centre of discussion. Despite the new and ever changing issues regarding immigration, the laws affecting immigration do not fit the current need. The current immigration policies were originally created to get family members of immigrants into the U.S. through what was called “family reunification”. A citizen can bring any family member into the U.S. even if it is a distant cousin whom he does not have a close relationship with. As can be expected, there is a great number of immigrants inside the U.S. Now the problem is not keeping the immigrants out, it is what to do with the immigrants that are already inside.
When it comes to legal immigration the immigrant has a few options. He or she can apply for a temporary work visa. Having a work visa is disadvantageous because the person has to renew the visa every year. If an aspiring immigrant wants to become a permanent resident in the U.S he or she can submit himself or herself into the long process of becoming a legal citizen. Illegal immigration has become a hot topic. People on both sides of the debate have proposed solutions. Some say a big wall should be built. Others say that they should simply be shipped back to their homeland. This option works fine until the factor of a child arises. U.S. law protects anyone who is born in U.S. soil, considering them a citizen by default. Some children who were not born in the U.S. but have grown up in the U.S. face a dilemma.
The Obama administration has already taken a step in the right direction. As of August 15, 2012 the Deferred Action Policy was adopted. This policy helps young people who were brought illegally into the U.S. by their parents. It allows participants to work legally, obtain a drivers licence and live...

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