Impact 9 11 Caused United States America

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The Outline
A. The first thing I will discussing will be judicial.
1. The American justice system
B. The second thing I will be discussing will be emotionally
1. How people felt about the war
2. Hate crimes against middle-east Americans
C. The third thing I will be discussing will be economically
1. The personal safety of Americans
2. The routine mistakes of our critical infrastructure
3. The problems we had economically
4. The estimated cost of war and how much it cost the U.S from 2001-2013
D. The fourth thing I will be discussing will be political
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They are secret warrants that they can search people’s homes that can today be obtained with minimal judicial oversight. Benjamin Franklin one’s said that those who would trade liberty for security will find neither.
How Americans emotionally took a impact. After we went to war with Iraq there was less tolerance among Americans for dissenting view concerning our foreign policy. You will hear about some Americans all ways talking or calling other Americans “Anti-American” or “unpatriotic”, because they express their feelings about the administrations action especially the actions that we t attack Iraq. For an example a Yale University student Katherine Lo hung an American flag upside down as a anti-war symbol of American distress. Several “young men broke into her suit and wrote a message on her bulletin board saying Iraq, and Muslims should be killed”. (Beach 2003). Let everybody remember what Thomas Jefferson said that it is the duty of their government, because nothing can keep it right except their own vigilant and distrustful supervision ( berry 2003). The hate crime against immigrants in the United states went up especially against people who was either from middle east or who looked like they was from the middle east. According to the FBI in year 2003 hate crimes targeted people, intuitions, and businesses identified with Islamic faith increased from 28 in the year 2000 to 481 in the year of 2001 it was a huge jump of 1,600 percent. That is a huge jump with one year, and Muslims was the least targeted religious group (New Haven Register November 26, 2003 pe 4).
What this war did to us economically. The personal safety of Americans depended on adequate responses to these and other domestic challenges accrued like more than a trillion dollar loss in the American economy and federal defects of $300 billion or more a year after 9/11. We have been made aware of incompetence and routine mistakes of our critical infrastructure. The FBI was found to have a pervasive intention to security (perrow 2002:7). Fake driver’s licenses are easily acquired and seldom detected. Information about two suspected hijackers was available to the CIA, FBI, Immigration, and Neutralization service, but they didn’t act on. “Repeatedly, test of security at nuclear plants show huge flaws, with promises of remedial action that never remediates” (perrow2002:7). Years before 9/11 the transpiration department publicized the failure of airport security. Although they have improved on the security in airports, train stations, and other transportation. Going to war with Iraq took away from a lot of funds and attention over the years that we could have been building what should have been the first line of America’s home defense. The war and its aftermath have taking away huge additional sums. The terrorist alerts and the, war from September 11, 2001 distracted the United States from money problems we had in our own country. Like long term funding...

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