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Impact Of Climate Change On Food Security In East Africa

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State can be defined as a sovereign political institution which governs over a society which is made put of individuals
The brief history about president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,is that he was elected or came into power in 1986 under the party called “National Movement Resistance” as the president of the party and till now he is the president of Uganda.
Therefore,the main steps/strategies that the state in particular Museven`s regime has used in reorganizing Uganda in the last 3 decades are as follow;
Restoration of peace in Uganda,this strategy was to bring an end to the Lords Resistance Army[LRA] threat in northern Uganda and the surrounding regions like Eastern Uganda ,the peace ...view middle of the document...

The privatization strategy has several good impacts on the citizens of Uganda especially the employment creation to the people which improves the standards of living and also increased per capita income of the citizens hence one of the main steps/strategies that the state in particular Museveni`s regime used in reorganizing Uganda in the last three 3 decades.
Investment policy, this can be referred to as any government regulation or law that encourages or discourages foreign investment in the local economy especially currency exchange limits. Therefore the state in particular Museveni`s regime encouraged foreign investment in Uganda except during Amin`s regime where he had to send the Asian and Indians away but when Yoweri Kaguta Museveni came into power in 1986,he encouraged the foreign investment which created employment opportunities to the locals also revenue where provided to the government occurred hence one of the strategies or steps used by the particular regime of Museven in reorganizing Uganda in the last 3 decades.
Role of aid, it can be referred as the assistance given by another country or the international organizations. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund [IMF] assisted Uganda during the introduction of Structural Adjustment Program [SAPs] in 1990 which helped Uganda in development issues especially the infrastructural development and many others hence one of the main steps/strategies that the state in particular Museveni`s regime has used in reorganizing Uganda in last three 3 decades.
Role of army, the Uganda People`s Defence Force (UPDF),previously the National Resistance Army which managed to restore peace in Uganda especially in northern Uganda where there was Lords Ressistance Army of Joseph Kony which made people to be displaced and lost their lives but due to the strength of the UPDF, Kony was defeated and had to run out of Uganda and the army managed to restore security in the country especially the terrorism by the Al-shabab militants hence one of the main steps/strategies that the state in particular Museveni`s regime has used in reorganizing Uganda in the last three 3 decades.
Decentralization,it is the process of redistributing or dispersing functions,powers ,people or things away from the central location or authourity to the loacal authority.In the early regime of president Museveni there was adaoption of decentralization especially political,administrative and fiscal decentralization which helped in the development of Uganda in ways like better communication,effective supervision and control...

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