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Impact Of Domestic Violence On Children

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Impacts of Domestic Violence on Children.
Lillian Tejada
SUNY Oswego
Rhonda Mandel
October 1, 2015

Interrogating the Impacts of Domestic Violence on Children.
Most of the social, economic, emotional, and psychological problems people face stem from their childhood. These problems are fruits of domestic violence. But what is domestic violence? Primarily, Domestic violence is any act that amounts to violence in a family setting. A child can be exposed to domestic violence through witnessing parents' fights, being subjected to such violence or being neglected to face the world and fight serious life problems single handedly. Domestic violence has recently become an epidemic. A report ...view middle of the document...

The amount of violence exposed to the children is directly proportional its impacts on the children. The objective of this research is to answer the following thought provoking questions.
* Who are children?
* At which age levels of age are children affected by domestic violence?
* How are these effects stratified?
* Can anything be done to mitigate these negative effects?
A child is any human being under the age of eighteen years, as per the United Nations children’s rights. All societies across the continent believe and accept that parents have a responsibility to take care of their children by providing them with food, shelter, clothing, security, love and so forth. Parents can raise their own children or choose to adopt children.
Unborn babies are affected by domestic violence. Infants, children, and adolescents are negatively affected too. These effects can be classified into social, emotional, cognitive and physical effects of domestic violence. To make the above more cultured, attractive and convincing, let us incorporate subtopics for better understanding.
Effects of Domestic Violence on the Unborn
Expectant mothers experiencing physical torture from their intimate partners are likely to give birth to babies with special needs. Some defects include: low birth weight, malformation of body organs, and the lack of formation of crucial body parts such as legs. These great atrocities can be attributed to physical engagement the victims are subjected to, ranging from average slaps to strong, solid kicks and blows centered on the stomach region. A fetus exposed to these deadly acts of violence will develop abnormal physical appearance hence instigating emotional trauma and possibly low self-esteem upon maturity. Some mothers subjected to the highlighted physical abuse are reported to give birth to dead children. It is not rare that mothers experience miscarriages in these cases as well. Some young mothers resort to abortion purposely to punish the husband for his violent behavior. Unfortunately, abortion affects the innocent unborn more than the husband (Levendosky, Bogat, Huth-Bocks, Rosenblum, & Eye, 2011).
Effects of Domestic Violence on Young Children
Physical Effects
Several acts can provide physical harm to children during acts of domestic violence. A stray punch may accidentally meet the child, causing severe injury to the child. Hard objects and weapons are destructive if met by a child's body. Some male parents resort to punishing their children if their mother manages to escape. Many children are rescued from such scenarios warranting immediate medical attention given the physical torture they sustain. Some uncultured mothers have been reported for using their babies as protective shields when receiving blows from their husbands. A blows can consciously crush the baby like a small tomato. Accidental kicks to a baby can cause severe injury and trauma. (Yount, DiGirolama, & RamaKrishnan, 2011).

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