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Impact Of Healthy Work Environment On Nurses

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Impact of healthy work environment on retention of nurses

Registered nurses are the largest number of health-care professionals in United States. However, nurses are leaving their job and profession at an alarming rate. Attraction and retention of nurses is critical to the effective function of healthcare facility. Retention of nurses is essential to maintain an adequate supply of nurses, and at the organizational level. Evidence suggests that fostering a positive and healthy work environment creates a better staff satisfaction, retention, improved patient outcomes, and better staff performance. This paper aims to identify how work environment impacts the retention of ...view middle of the document...

In addition, a caring environment significantly and positively influences nurses’ satisfaction. The creation of a healthy work environment is imperative to ensure patient safety, quality patient care, patient and family satisfaction, and staff engagement and retention.

Impact of healthy work environment on retention of nurses
Factors that Influence Nurses’ Work Environment
Shortage of nurses and workload: The increasing shortage of professional nurses is a matter of great concern. The demand for nursing care in both hospitals and nursing homes increases as population ages. Many experienced nurses are approaching retirement and fewer individuals are choosing nursing as a career, as a result nurses’ have heavier workload and increased responsibilities, leading to concerns about patient safety. Nurses nationwide consistently report that hospital nurse staffing levels are inadequate to provide safe and effective care. The shortage of nurses may be linked to unrealistic nurse workloads. Forty percent of hospital nurses have burnout levels that exceed the norms for health caregivers. Job satisfaction among hospital nurses is four times greater than the average for all U.S. workers and 1 in 5 hospital nurses report that they intend to leave their current job within a year. Nurses in hospitals with the highest patient-to-nurse ratios are more than twice as likely to experience job-related burnout and almost twice as likely to be dissatisfied with their jobs compared with the lowest ratios (Aiken, Clarke, Sloane, Sochalski, Silber, 2002). Nurses are being asked and often expected to more than they physically, emotionally, and psychologically can achieve. In addition, nurses are expected to perform non-professional tasks and ancillary services such as portering and passing meal trays. Ensuring fair and equitable workloads will improve nurse job satisfaction, thereby create a healthy work environment and increase retention.
Staff Relationships: Employee’s relationship with immediate supervisor is one of the primary determinants of the employee’s satisfaction level and how long the employee remains with an employer. Manager can have a positive impact by demonstrating both the desire and ability to help nurses perform their jobs effectively. The nurse who feels supported has confidence in his or her leaders and provides care that supports patient outcomes. At the end of the day, the nurse supported by the manager gain a source of comfort about a challenging day that can be exhaustive because of the heavier than optimal workloads.
Professional Training and Development: Staff and professional development is one of the important essential attributes of healthy work environment. Organizations must develop systems to assess employee skills and competencies and equip with new knowledge and skills. They must support employee growth through continuing education, joining committees, as well as clinical advancement programs that value...

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