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Discuss the influence of Japanese fashion design on young people in Thailand. What implications does this influence have for the Thai fashion industry?
In the past few years, Japanese fashion has grown very popular among Thai teenagers. Siam Square is a local urban area located in the centre of Bangkok, where one can see many groups of people with different international style trends, such as Japan fashion. Currently Thai teenagers dress in Japanese fashion, just like those in Japan’s, Harajuku , which is a popular fashion street and common centre for young people in Tokyo. This essay will discuss how the impact of current Japanese fashion has a strong influence on the youth fashion and ...view middle of the document...

In addition, there are not only Japanese magazines which show Japanese fashion. Even Thai magazines are also use Japanese-looking boy and girl models present certain Japanese dresses and make-up styles. Japanese stars featured in many television dramas and movies also have a great influence over Thai fashion preferences.
Even though Japanese style seems popular now, there are many impacts not only for teenagers who keen on Japanese fashion style but also expand to the fashion industry, fashion market, fashion design, and fashion designers, especially new generation designers.
Nowadays, the fashion market in Thailand is dominated by young people, who are very keen on fashion, which has become an usually behavior for the Thai youth in social to go shopping and going out to be with friends for weekend activities. At the same time, the Thai youth fashion market segments can be classified into five segments which are exclusive, high-end, higher-middle, middle-end, and low-end ( However, it should be noted that Thai youth attitudes are more individual than in the past. They do not care so much about the prices, brand name or market places just so long as it fits their individuality, they will wear it.
In the fashion industry, garment factories in Thailand produce for two market segments, which are retail and wholesale. For retail, most of the styles have unique identity, therefore there is not much change but they might mix new fashion with Japanese styles and adapt them to look gentle and appropriate for Thai people. On the other hand, the wholesale industry will make an order mass production in order to satisfy the demand of teenager’s consumers. Because young people are the mainstream consumers, the fashion industry has an increase market share for this segment. However, the price is one reason which affects young Thai’s decision to buy cloth.
Thai teenagers pay attention to neither quality nor brand-name but Thai youth would emphasize low-prices. One can see that there are growing up with an amount of small and large fashion streets markets in Bangkok and out of town. For example the famous market in Bangkok ; Jatujak Market, Suan Lum Night Plaza and Platinum Market. As such, fashion in Thailand is changing rapidly. Some kinds of style cannot be a long time because of this rapid change to find the new trend. Therefore, if most teenagers think that they have worn clothes for four or five times, it is wasting money to purchase expensive clothes.
At the point of Japanese fashion impact on the Thai garment industrial, due to fashion in Thailand has followed Japanese so it is a good benefit for Thai markets because most of the products are produced in Thai factories. The traders can sell their products both in the Thai markets and export to other countries in Asia and Japan because there are the same styles and trends. More and more, the number of Japanese buyers in Japan who import textile...

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