Impact Of Monopolies On Communities Essay

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In the past decades, Walmart has expanded its retail stores in the United States despite resistance from local governing economic entities and the public. The main reason for resisting Walmart entering their market is that most believe that Walmart’s entry is a threat to the community’s cultural, historical, environmental, and economic values. But the most heard of complaints from most communities are that Walmart’s entries usually eliminate jobs, lower wages, and forces small businesses out of business. David Neumark et al. (pg 428, para 5 & 6) state that,
Wal-Mart entry may also result in lower prices that increase purchasing ...view middle of the document...

Even though Walmart brings with it the ease of access for consumers it all increases poverty levels because of lowered earnings.
Could it be that the focus on Walmart’s impact on communities has been negative because of businesses that go out of business or relocate when Walmart sets shop? Thus, in context of Walmart’s continued refusal to increase wages for its low earning employees can

be argued that Walmart’s low price strategy is good for low income earners but is not good for the economy as this strategy forces competing stores to shut down. The fact that Walmart has
the ability to force most of its competitors out of business within a couple of months of it setting shop in communities is not good as this creates an opportunity for Walmart to eventually become a monopoly. Hence, there is a strong possibility that Walmart will be a monopoly in the future as it already is operating as a monopolistic company.
This paper will provide a definitive answer to whether Walmart’s business practices and strategies are hurting the retail industry, disrupting communities, reducing living standards, and influencing politics for business profitability. It is an undeniable fact that Walmart’s low prices are most appealing to customers making it harder for its competitors to compete effectively without the risk of incurring major losses as most customers are forced to overlook poor customer service and other weak service areas. To keep from having a biased opinion and view of the company, this paper will show that as a for profit company, Walmart’s business practices are not unethical nor are they wrong as they are forcing other companies out of business. The paper will also show that when power is unequally distributed it is usually abused as the one holding the most power can create a tyrant environment. Yet to further show unbiased opinion the paper will also show that other businesses have opportunities to compete effectively as the government is offering incentives to promote healthy competition between businesses.
In this research paper data collection will be conducted within three cities that will represent and measure retail employment, payroll, and customer patronage so as to accurately define the impact Walmart has on communities. Thus, the communication survey approach that

has been employed for this paper involves questionnaires and face to face interviews which will prove the versatility and validity of the content, criterion, predictions, and constructs of the
research process and methodology. According to Cooper and Schindler (2011, Ch. 11, pg 281-282, para 1, 5, & 11)
The content validity of a measuring instrument is the extent to which it provides adequate coverage of the investigative questions guiding the study… To evaluate the content validity of an instrument, one must first agree on what...

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