Impact Of The Computer Essay

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Impact of the Computer
Case Study #1

1. Come up with ten examples of computers in society and, beside each
example, describe what happens or would happen if that computer

①Stock market computers – will affect the economy of the country and

related countries.

②Calculators – will make people calculate themselves so students who
are having some

math tests will face the hell =)

③Banding machine – will bring wrong products or nothing.

④Elevators – will make people to use stairs.

⑤Microwave – for melting something frozen, people will put it into hot
water or ...view middle of the document...

3. For each of the above examples of hidden computers, describe what
would happen if, instead of a built-in computer with a program, they
had a built-in robot with artificial intelligence.

①Automatic car washer–will give more detailed services for each car.

②Hair straightener – will adjust its temperature according to each
userÂ’s hair.

③Electrical door lock – will recognize people’s faces or fingerprints
so people will not

have to carry the keys.

④Traffic signal – will change its signs according to each situations
so it will reduce the

traffic jam.

⑤Refrigerator – will adjust its temperature depending on food in it.

4. What could be a hidden agenda of computers? Or, in other words,
what could be some possible negative side affects of computers in

àBy replacing people with computers, people will lose their jobs. Also
more people will depend on computers not on their own brains, so it
will delay the development of human brains. On the other hand,
computers are getting smarter and smarter so there is possibility that
computers will threaten human. Also imagine what will happen if Y2K
happens again. It will make tremendous confusions.

Case Study #2

1. With our knowledge of how computers are programmed, can a computer
or robot “turn on their creator”? If a truly intelligent robot was
ever created, could it “turn on its creators”?

àAs long as we programmed computers not to turn on human beings or
their creator, computers will not be able to harm them in purpose.
However, they can understand the program in different ways that we did
not mean. Also if someone tries to harm those truly intelligent
computers or robots, they will try to protect themselves by attacking
the people.

2. Are Isaac AsimovÂ’s rules really a safeguard? Take the rules to
their logical extreme consequences. e.g. Following rule 1, would
humans be allowed to drive cars or play football? Both activities are
potentially dangerous.

à Rule 1 – would humans be allowed to ride and ride on the planes,
elevators or trains? If people embark on them, they will just stop.

Rule 2 – would human be able to order the robots to do dangerous works
instead of human like dealing with strong chemicals or radioactive

Rule 3 – if human need to destroy them, how are human going to destroy
them? They will not allow people to destroy them.

à In conclusion, Isaac Asimov’s rules are not safeguards. Those rules
restrict the usage of robots so much that human will not try to use
them. What is the point of these rules if human even doesnÂ’t use the

3. There are tiny computers hidden in appliances and cars. Would
“Robot Rules” have to be built into them? Why? Even without Robot
Rules, could such computers/robots...

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