Impact Of The Institute Of Medicine In The Nursing Practice

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Impact of the Institute of Medicine in the Nursing Practice
Nurses play a critical role in our country’s medical field to provide safe and quality care for all patients. The Institute of Medicine (IOM, 2010) appointed a committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2008 with the purpose of creating a report that would make recommendations for a plan for the future of nursing. In order to keep up with the rapid increase in the health care demands changes have to be made, approved and implemented. The IOM report has impacted the future of nursing education, nurse’s role as a leader and the nursing primary care practice (IOM, 2010).
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Nurses play significant roles in the care of the patient population. The nurse has to be familiar with the scope of nursing within the State of practice, well rounded and have knowledge of the differences in the diversities within the population. Learning how to lead accordingly to the significant changes in the demands for care is crucial and an essential part for nurses as leaders. The IOM promotes for the development of expansive programs for nurses to lead and expand collectively with the health care team members to improve practice in the environment and health care system (IOM 2010, pp 6). Preparing nurses to lead will advance nurses responsibilities to continue to develop their leadership skills. In the long run, nurses will be better prepared and well equipped to take on leadership roles to meet and improve the health care system specifically the primary care nursing practice.
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made impact on how the significant nurse’s role should change to meet the health care demands (National Academies, 2014). In a recent report, Office News And Public Information (News 2014, pp. 5), states, “federal agencies, and health care organizations should remove scope of practice barriers that hinder nurses from practicing to the full extent of their education and training” (News, 2014). This indicates that the nursing practice has its limits to what nurses can and cannot practice. Some states discard the fact that nurses are trained to do far more than they are allowed to do in the health care field. With the ACA it is estimated that the number of patients that will have access to health care will increase in the millions (News, 2014). The IOM report has impacted the need for an increase in the demand for primary care and the role and responsibilities of nurses in patient care (IOM 2010).
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