Impact Of The World Cup Essay

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Q1.1 Different approaches to geography 2

1.2 Importance of geography in tourism development 3-4

1.3 Identify any problem regarding tourism and suggest an appropriate approach 5

2.1 Demand, supply and impact of tourism in rural context with reference to examples from a rural area of your choice. 6-10

3 Learning experience based on the self activity 11

4 Reference list 12

Question 1

1.1 Distinguish five different approaches to Geography with ...view middle of the document...

This approach tends to view people as responses to stimuli to reflect how individuals do not correspond to models built to predict possible human outcomes.

Applied geography
This is an approach which refers to the application of geographical knowledge and skills to the solution of economic and social problems (Hall and Page 2006:16).

Radical approaches
These approaches are often base on neo-Marxist broaden in the 1980s and 1990s to consider issues of gender, globalisation, locations, identity, post colonialism, post-modernism and the role of space in critical social theory (Hall and Page 2006:16).

It is essential to note that all these approaches to geography have relevance to the study of tourism and recreation. Their application has been highly variable with the greatest degree of research being conducted in the areas of spatial analysis and applied geography has influences tourism research greatly based on the issue of performance, the body, gender, post colonialism and power. The shift of human geography has caused debates whether the radical geography can really be described as radical anymore (Hall and Page 2006:16).

1.2 Explain why Geography is important for tourism development.

Title: The importance of geography as tourism development.

Tourism is an intensely geographic phenomenon. It stimulates large-scale, global movement of people and forges distinctive relationships between people and the places they visit. It shapes processes of physical development and resource exploitation, whilst the presence of visitors exerts a range of economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts that often have important implications for local geographies (William 2009:3).

According to Boniface and Cooper (1994: 4) geographical tourism consist of three major components which are the country of origin of tourists, tourist destinations and the routes travelled between those two sets of locations. The study of tourist flow through this system is fundamental to the geography of tourism and can be achieved by considering the push and pull factors which gives rise to these flows. This essay will be based on the understanding of tourism as a geographical phenomenon and the importance of geography as in tourism development

Tourism as a geographical phenomenon

William (2009: 230) is of the opinion that geography is an essentially interesting subject with a tradition in synthesis of alternative perspectives, and also better placed to make sense of patterns and practices of tourists, although the development of geographical perspectives on tourism has been characterised evenly. As a result tourism provides a valuable lens through which a number of contemporary themes in geography may be studied. Hence Hall and Page (2006:11) regard tourism and recreation geographers as society within society because the study of geography of tourism and recreation does not occur in isolation from wider trends in geography and academic...

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