Impact On The Future Essay

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Impact on the Future


Nursing’s Future after the 2010 Institute of Medicine Report
Jennifer Klein
Grand Canyon University: NRS-430V-0102
April 24, 2016

Impact on the Future


The 2010 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report: “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change,
Advancing Health,” has created a positive and irreversible impact on the future of Nursing. The
IOM report according to the American Nurses Association, “calls on nurses to take a greater role
in America’s increasingly complex health care system.” The report has triggered a domino effect
on the impact for the nursing field in correlation to nurse’s education, practice, and their role as a
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This allows the experienced nurses

Impact on the Future


who are usually balancing family and work to fit furthering their degree into their lifestyle and
thus allowing it to become an achievable goal. The momentous impact of the IOM report in
relationship to nursing education is that as healthcare reform, patient care, and the expanding role
of competencies for nurse evolve so must the pursuit of growth and pathways in education.
The impact of the IOM report on nursing practice particularly in primary care:
As the need for healthcare, technology, and education has expanded, so has the need to
provide patient centered care in a primary care climate in lieu of the past standard of a special
care setting for the patient. (The Future of Nursing Focus on Scope of Practice 2010 p. 2). The
IOM report impacted the primary care nursing practice in identifying the legal barrier that,
“prohibits advance practice registered nurses (APRNs) from practicing to their full education and
training.” (p. 2) APRNs are registered nurses educated with either their Master’s degree or post
Masters level degree. They are also certified to assess, diagnose and manage patient problems,
order tests, and prescribe medications. (p. 2) Although most states recognize the educational and
national certification standards of APRN, there is inconsistency with which they are permitted to
practice as there are various restrictions that differ from state to state. Without a consistency in
regulations for APRNs the impact upon the primary care nursing practice will continue to present
itself as a barrier for nurses as IOM references that there, “are not enough primary care
physicians for today’s aging population and the patient load will dramatically increase as more
individuals gain insurance coverage.” (p. 3)
How I would change my practice to meet the goals of the IOM report:
As a Perioperative nurse, I understand that I must change my practice to meet the goals of
the IOM report. I currently belong to the AORN and would join my local chapter which would
enable me to get involved in my state council. As stated by Renae Battie in What Perioperative

Impact on the Future


Nurses need to know, “State councils are especially well positioned to participate in state action
coalitions.” (p. 232) I would research the information about my state’s action plan through the
AORN state council and chapter so that I can assist in advancing the initiative. Finally, I...

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