Impacts Of Exchange Programs Essay

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Impacts of exchange programs

New capitalist countries such as Albania have relatively been unfamiliar with exchange programs. Only recently, these programs are gaining popularity among students of these countries. However, three years ago I was lucky to find out about YES (Youth Exchange and Study) program and be part of it. After three stages of selection, me and thirteen other Albanian high school students were chosen to go and spend a year in the US as the first Albanian generation of exchange students. What first appeared as impossible became a reality that changed my lifestyle and developed my personality. Overall, exchange programs such as YES, FLEX or Erasmus keep having a ...view middle of the document...

This gave me the opportunity to get familiar with the American lifestyle and appreciate American values such as voluntarism, equality, justice and practicality. By implementing these values into my personality, I began looking at life in a more optimistic way. Although I was far away from home, the warm atmosphere in my host family made me feel safe and less homesick. I used to get on very well with my host sisters aged 11 and 18. We used to talk about our hobbies and concerns, always supporting each other. My host parents would always invite me to their trips and give me presents for Thanksgiving or Christmas, as if I was a member of the family. On the other side, I also taught them about the Albanian culture and even did my best to cook Albanian traditional dishes. The time spent with them has marked me emotionally and now I feel that I have two families that will always be there for me.

Furthermore, the worldwide application of exchange programs is having a positive global impact on society. These programs were initiated by the US department of State after the Second World War with the goal of promoting...

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