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Impacts Of Tourism Essay

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The Impacts of Tourism
Travel and tourism has become one of the fastest growing and widest spread industries in the world. The tourism industry has an effect on both the host and the visitor, some of these effects being positive, but there are also many negative ones that primarily affect the host country. Tourism is a form of reality that has been created to boost economies and exploit both the host community and the tourist. The growth of this industry has been so rapid that the impact of high volumes of tourists is only now becoming apparent and this trend shows no promise of slowing down anytime soon because people have always been fascinated with the traditions, practices and ways ...view middle of the document...

The commercialization of culture and the interactions between tourist and host have resulted in changes in the host’s quality of life, value systems, labour division, family relationships, attitudes, ceremonies and creative expressions. The changes to the host community are influenced by two major factors: the tourist-host relationship and the development of the industry itself.
Tourist-host encounters occur in three main contexts: where the tourist buys goods or services from the host; where they are in the same place at the same time; and when they meet and share ideas and information. The latter encounter is far less common than the other two, tourism usually fails to promote understanding and stereotypes prevail (de Kadt, 1979). The tourist-host relationship is not meaningful and is usually well rehearsed; this makes even the encounters services to be purchased by the tourist. The development of the tourism industry has been seen as the driving force behind the economic growth in many countries. In 2007, more than 30,000 tourists visited Canada; this puts a high demand on our service industry. This demand results in employment for many people, however, this employment is often seasonal, unskilled and low paid. (Vaughan & Long, 1982) Chain stores and franchises open up shop in these “destinations” to provide tourists with the services that they want. This takes away from the local owners and the community may lose its traditional work patterns. The host community may begin to change their values in light of the tourist dollar that perpetuates the service industry. Instead of valuing the work that goes into providing the service they might begin to disregard the quality in favour of a higher quantity. As Western development moves into foreign nations we see a loss of values both ethically and culturally.
The tourism industry has been built up on this idea of traditional cultures available to the masses. This has the potential of doing great things for a nation’s cultural heritage. The traditions and heritage can be restored, practiced and remembered through the revival of history. Public viewing of practices can be spread to other nations and perpetuate multiculturalism on a global scale. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that many cultures do not exist in this traditional sense, are unavailable to the public or they do not run on a tourist itinerary. This problem has been rectified and now we can buy and sell our cultures just like any other commodity. Cultural practices and traditions have now become widely available through the influence of tourism. This is an advertisement for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Shows:
A Few Reasons Why You Should Visit "Buffalo Bill's Wild West:"
4th--You will see INDIANS, COWBOYS, and MEXICANS as they live.
5th--You will see BUFFALO, ELK, WILD HORSES, and a multitude of curiosities.
6th--You will see an INDIAN...

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