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Implementation Of Total Quality Techniques Essay

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Quality is the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics of fulfill requirements as defined by ISO 9000: 2000. The major six forces which influenced the future of quality are globalization, innovation, outsourcing, consumer sophistication, value creation and changes in quality. People view quality in relation to their differing criteria based on their individual roles in production-marketing value chain. The main reason for modern organizations to adopt quality in their business process is to satisfy customers. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) defines quality as the “totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears on its ability ...view middle of the document...

1999 Continuous Improvement, process based Six-Sigma To achieve customer satisfaction.
2003 New compensation and reward system For aligning among the interests of customers, employees, and investors.
2005 Integration To develop sustainable products
2008 Innovation, Skilled Management system To achieve growth through new products
2011 Sustainable Operations To sustain in the farming equipment industry as the market leader.
2012 (Latest) Feet on the ground, Eyes on the Origin To provide ultimate solutions to customers through basic products.

The Deere & Company has experienced consistent growth from more than three decades by adopting and implementing TQ principles in its business process. Presently Deere has established a virtual technology lab for developing sustainable farming equipments to satisfy the customers by being environmental friendly company. Through its commitment to quality Deere’s company leadership development efforts were ranked as ninth-best in the U.S. and the 14th globally by Fortune Magazine. The company is planning to launch 2014 featured vehicles which can lift heavy weight and the company is planning to develop high quality products by keeping its feet on the ground. New products play a central role in our growth plans. Last year John Deere continued with a record introduction of products, most of which feature improvements in power, comfort and performance (John Deere, Annual Report, 2012).
Total Quality (TQ) Practices
Deere Co. has achieved it success by implementing quality tools and techniques from the era of Total Quality Management which has began from 1980s to till date. The Deere Co. latest annual report of 2011 is studied to know how the company is aligning TQ techniques for its business goals.
1. Strategic Planning: Deere & Co. has established a virtual technology lab to integrate all the engineers working at various parts of the globe to think on how to develop new technology to reduce the price of the product and improve the quality of the product. The company has developed plans for introducing new products that dramatically reduced emissions while meeting customer requirements for power and efficiency.
2. Customer Engagement and Knowledge acquisition: The Company gives at most priority to provide high value products at a competitive price to its customers. The company often conducts surveys to know the customer satisfaction levels and the future requirements of the farming products.
3. Workforce Management: Deere integrates full time...

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