Implementation Phase Essay

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Implementation Phase
The goal of the implementation phase is to implement a system correctly, efficiently, and quickly on a particular set or range of computers, using particular tools and programming languages. The implementation stage is primarily environmental and works with the realities of particular machines, system, language compilers, tools, developers, and clients necessary to translate a design into working code. Just as the design phase may include some analysis efforts approached from a computational standpoint, the implementation phase essentially always includes design efforts. Implementation level design is a reconciliation activity, where in principle executable models, ...view middle of the document...

Programs are tested using data that attempt to simulate all conditions that may arise during processing. Program testing usually proceeds from higher to lower levels of program modules until the entire program is tested as a unit. If computer aided software engineering methodologies are used such program testing is minimized because automatically generated program code is more likely to be error free.
Installation is a very critical component in the success of an IT project. It is believed that the installation is the best time to educate the customer by working very closely with them during the installation process. This close interaction is ideal for the customer to learn about the equipment being installed, ask questions, and seek advice and tips on operation or administration issues. Installation represents the physical connection of the equipment to customer's existing infrastructure as well as any configuration of the equipment that is required. Installation checklists are used to ensure that all of the equipment is installed and running.
Training is a vital implementation activity. IS personal such as user consultants must be sure that end users are trained to operate a new system or its implementation will fail. Training may involve only activities like data entry, or it may also involve all aspects of the proper use of a new system. In addition, managers and end users must be educated in how the new technology affects the company's business operations and management.
Support can take the form of ad-hoc advice and guidance on specific issues, a call-off arrangement, or specific projects to address discrete issues. To provide this support the company must have the Compliance Procedures Manual, Training and Competence Manual, Record Keeping.
The tools used are very important in all aspects. Software tests are valuable intellectual assets, especially in long-lived, multi-version, multi-platform commercial software. The highly publicized Y2K software problem provides a very good sense of the problems that arise in such a domain as well as how long software tests should last. Software tests represent a significant investment.
Action Program Manager has always provided the ability to group, assign and manage groups of tasks with Summary Tasks. APM has now been enhanced with a hierarchical Work Breakdown Structure or WBS outline capability. WBS provides the project manager or others the ability to quickly see and understand task groupings or allow the project manager to make minor to broad changes or additions to task groupings giving more control of the project on how it will be accomplished. Action Program Manager's Gantt chart has been enhanced to provide a hierarchical drill down capability through all levels of project tasks. Utilizing the added WBS outline...

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