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Implementation Plan Essay

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Distance Education Implementation Plan
Pamela A. Scallan
Capella University
Dr. Ann Armstrong

My topic is the Implementation of a Distance Educational Plan using technology to enhance the existing distance education curriculum, Pre-K-Grade 3, using Audio/Video Media Technology to enhance the reading skills to globally diverse learners, using the Content Management System in a single-site environment.
I am going to attempt to provide a brief overview of the Technologies and Media addressing the interactive/recorded audio and video along with the use of the Internet for transmission of the audio/video material. Print media is ...view middle of the document...

Creativity and professional expertise were needed to create instruction that was appealing to students which increased the costs of production exponentially. Another disadvantage of the medium is that experts in each of the media fields needed to teach the classroom teachers as well as the online instructors educators. Again, this cost institutions additional time and money. Therefore, this medium was underused. Another drawback as stated by Larson & Costantini, (2007), and Moore (2009) is “ the creation of Flash programs requires considerable technical expertise”. (79).
One of the strengths of video is that it is a powerful medium for teaching technical subjects and engaging learners in the content. Also, the current technologies available for digital audio and video editing using appropriate software like desk-top publishing has made it more cost effective to produce. Almost anyone can do it with text tutorials or online tutorials to teach themselves the new technology. The addition of Adobe Captivate and Techsmith Camtasia, made capturing anything on your computer screen and add narration, photographs, graphics, etc. relatively easy for the program design and instructors to...

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