Implementing Leadership Action Essay

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I. Smith & Falmouth Overview
Irene Seagraves, CEO of Smith & Falmouth (S&F) is looking to consolidate operations. In an effort to increase the companies online services she has hired Ms. Gwen Philips as the new Chief Operating Officer. Smith & Falmouth, a tele-shopping and mail order network company is trying to increase their Online Sales Channel. The appointment of the new COO should help to make S&F Online a profitable Strategic Business Unit. Ms. Philips has until the end of the year, nine months, to accomplish this goal. 

II.    Current Culture
While observing the group, Ms. Phillips has noticed that there is a set understanding how things have ...view middle of the document...

Ms. Philips’ action plan for James and his team:
•    Identify employee competencies and gaps,
•    Establish measures comparable with industry figures,
•    Call a team meeting to take in input on achieving goals, and
•    Establish a common goal for the teams.

2.    Brian Kervor: Logistics Manager
Brian is a hands-on kind of person, however he is intimidated by the action plan that was put in place
3.    Adam Searle: Marketing Manager
Adam builds relationships easily as he genuinely values and respects people.

IV.    Empowering Employees
There are some principles that Ms. Philips will use to empower the employees at S&F:
1.    Sharing the Leadership Vision: Communicate and place on the corporate intranet and around the company what the new vision/direction for the company. This will help make the employees feel that they are a part of the big picture, something bigger than their individual job
2.    Share Goals and Directions: As employees are doing their performance management plans, they should tie into the organizations goals. A shared picture of a positive outcome with all responsible for accomplishing the results.
3.    Feedback: By meeting with the key players and establishing what is working and what can be tweaked and then constantly revisiting will begin the proper feedback channel. Also, when a problem occurs, Ms. Philips needs to make sure to ask what went wrong within the system that caused the people to fail, not what is wrong with the people. This will help to relieve tension at critical times within the process.
4.    Communication: Ms....

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