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Army Regulation 670-1 covers the wear and appearance of military uniforms. Wearing the military uniform is considered a privilege that not everyone has earned, and it is our responsibility as soldiers to uphold this standard. In this essay I plan to cover different aspects of the regulation and why it is important to meet and maintain the standards which are pointed out in the regulation.
AR 670-1 explains what is authorized to wear and how to wear it. Because the Army is a uniformed service, discipline is, in part, judged by personal appearance, both in and out of uniform. For example, a person is much more inclined to trust a man that is well dressed, than someone with rag tag clothing. ...view middle of the document...

My hair must remain within grooming standards as I am expected to maintain my uniformity within the military. Because regulations cannot possibly address every hairstyle which may or may not be acceptable, I understand that my leaders, of all levels, are responsible for using their keen NCO eye and judgment to enforce this policy. I must comply with the grooming standards set forth in ‘AR 670-1 Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia’ both in uniform and while wearing civilian clothes. My hairstyle may not interfere with the fit of my headgear or protective equipment. I may not have trendy “hipster” hair. If I choose to stray from my natural hair color, I must make sure my hair stays within the natural range of hair colors, as straying from this spectrum may detract from my uniformity and adherence to military appearance standards. My haircut must stay within the standards set forth by this regulation. The hair on top of my head must be neatly groomed and may not be long, unkempt, or extreme. It must have a tapered appearance, conforming to the shape of my head. The only hair that may touch my collar is the hair at the back of my neck, which should be cut closely. I am not allowed to have my hair in cornrows, braids, and twisted dreadlocks. My hair style must not interfere with the wear of any headgear. My sideburns may not flare, instead, they will end in a clean-shaven, horizontal line, not extending below my ear-hole. Mustaches, while allowed in 670-1, they are allowed in the 82nd airborne division. If they were, they would be well-kept and tidy, and may not overshadow the mouth, or extend past the corners of my mouth. My fingernails must be kept clean, and my nails may not extend beyond my fingertips. I must practice good personal hygiene and grooming DAILY, so my smell does not detract from my appearance. With the recent changes, I may not be tattooed above the class A uniform collar, below the elbow, or below the end of PT shorts as worn. I mustn’t have indecent, sexist, extremist, racist tattoos, regardless of...

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